China to release brand-new mixture cloud plan: Platform of roc of ARM of over or across, X86

Recently, hua Weizheng type was releasedBe based on China the complete inn that is processor of roc of own ARM framework mixes the cloud Stack 6.5 of solution Hua Weiyun, abbreviationHCS 6.5.

It is reported, china for HCS dedicated the solution that precedes at digitlizing transition to offer for the enterprise, product and technology. IDC analyses a report to show, HCS runs the many fields such as platform in cloud of Chinese government affairs, finance cloud, cloud row industry the first.

Up to in July 2019, HCS has served the whole world many 7000 client of 150 countries and area, deploy many 450 fictitious machine, cover business of government and common cause, finance, operation, the sources of energy, liaison man, make, the many industries such as medical treatment, education, intermediary endowment.

China for

According to introducing, chinaBe based on platform of ARM roc, X86 for HCS 6.5, offer the complete stack cloud such as IaaS, PaaS, DaaS to serve ability, can build large the base that cloud of business of core of politics look forward to transforms, still can pass seek advice, evaluate, the complete inn such as program, consign serves, help client goes up continuously with the good cloud, business that prop up the cloud.

In addition, HCS 6.5 still will pass Quan Zhansheng voice is comfortable match each industry cloud to change transition setting, build industry cloud to change ” of “ blackland ground.

HCS 6.5 support is based on the mixture deploy of ARM roc, X86, let a client can expand quickly on existing system the resource pool that is based on roc to calculate force newly, offer at the same time cover the Quan Zhankun such as computation, memory, network, PaaS, big data roc cloud serves, through soft hard optimize in coordination, function precedes considerably traditional framework.

Roc reach the clouds

According to China for the data that give out, in computational service, be based on the hardware advantage that roc takes in and send out in large quantities many nucleus, high, overall the X86 server than be the same as norms can promote photograph of fictitious machine density 9 % , mix in bandwidth of memory utilization rate, network at the same time each respect such as function of inquiry of transmit efficiency, big data has remarkable promotion.

HCS 6.5 still offers the roc that carries end to use the migratory service that prop up, help client applies from X86 framework Xiang Kun roc is flowing and migratory.

In addition, client but 0 cost pass ” of “ Yun Lianbang to join from HCS this locality Hua Weiyun, service of 180 many communal cloud, 180 many solutions are measured completely on use cloud, and the 3500 many application of Hua Weiyun market, the unified framework that provides high in the clouds and this locality, unified experience, unified managing.

At the beginning of this year, china to was releasedThe function inside “ course of study is highest the 920” of roc of server processor “ of the framework of good luck ARM of ”, face the application such as big data processing, distributed memory, 7nm craft is made, compositive the CPU core of 64 own designs, advocate frequency 2.6GHz, support port of network of two memory of 8 passageways DDR4, 100G, PCIe 4.0, CCIX, SPECint fiducial test notchs more fiducial than the industry tower above is close 25 % , power comsumption reduces 30 % .

Roc 920

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