China to announce income of outstanding achievement report grows 23.2% 401.3 billion yuan compared to the same period first half of the year

On July 30 afternoon, china announced formally external to be in Shenzhen 2019 the outstanding achievement circumstance first half of the year. This year half an year, china amount to 401.3 billion yuan of RMBs for sales revenue, grow 23.2% compared to the same period, profit margin 8.7% . Among them operation business business, company business and consumer business sales revenue are 146.5 billion yuan respectively, 31.6 billion yuan, 220.8 billion yuan.

China for

Discover not hard, consumer business share is become as before China for the business of the biggest contribution that battalion controlled first half of the year 2019. Among them, the smartphone delivered goods first half of the year 2019 118 million, grow 24% compared to the same period, full-court scene layout also obtained great progress. Flat, PC, can apparel equipment deliver goods the quantity achieved healthy, rapid growth. China for terminal cloud service zoology whole world registers developer to already exceeded 800 thousand, gathered together the whole world 500 million user.

In addition, income of operation commerce Wu is 146.5 billion yuan. Wireless network, light is transmitted, the production such as data communication, IT delivers goods the circumstance is overall and smooth. Current, china use a contract to already acquired 50 5G business, accumulative total delivers goods more than 150 thousand base station.

On outstanding achievement news briefing, china for president Liang Hua expresses, china for the difficulty that face still very big, these difficulty may affect our ongoing rhythm temporarily, but won’t change ongoing way, we are confident to future, can invest future continuously, plan research and development threw 120 billion RMB 2019. In the meantime, also will continue to hold to cooperative win-win. Whole ICT industry still is put in a lot of good luck, china better to can use industry experience and solution to be able to be global client to offer application experience.

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