China for together people liaison man and classics amount to information to build intelligence to drive in all platform application

A few days ago, china for hand in hand people liaison man (group) Inc. , Shanghai is in via amounting to Inc. of information science and technology China sign agreement of tripartite frame cooperation for Shanghai institute, future will build big data security drive in all intelligent risk canal accuses platform.

Drive automatically

It is reported, in cooperating this, tripartite will apply the multinomial technology such as computation of 5G, cloud, big data and artificial intelligence to build safety to drive intelligent canal accuses platform. Be built as intelligent traffic via amounting to information company and drive the provider that behavior analysis data serves, will dedicated collect at big data, arrange, analysis and application, the many platform that use own research and development and system offer of all kinds technology for a variety of users service and decision-making seek advice.

China for Chinese division vice president Xie Changlin expresses, this second tripartite collaboration includes a car to hold the application of recreational intelligence terminal on equipment not only, build car intelligence to attemper even systematic platform, make intelligent risk canal accuse to apply, safeguard safety drives. Change construction to drive urban traffic intelligence, china the contribution that gives oneself to wish to be done with cooperative square joint efforts.

Hereon second collaboration, yang Guoping of president of people transportation group expresses, the masses is using informatization technology and artificial intelligence to urge wisdom traffic construction all the time in last few years, offer ceaselessly more the passenger transport with standard essence serves. This second collaboration will conduce to tripartite achieving an advantage complementary, deepness uses the technology such as big data and cloud computation, also can promote the wisdom technology of oneself of traffic of masses passenger transport content thereby.

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