British factory is installed ” mix of advance gradually style is smooth ” illume controls a system, energy-saving 60%

The intermediary outside occupying reports, a few days ago, the illume control system that type of advance gradually of a kind of “ that be called moves smooth ” makes plain Qi nicety mechanical company (KawasakiPrecisionMachinery) is in the factory of England south coast energy-saving 60% .

It is reported, this factory of company of plain Qi accurate machinery is located in general benefit Mao Si, be in charge of producing industrial machinery part, 25 years of time exceed in place.

Because nice spare parts wants to achieve very high standards, the perception to detail and quality control are so crucial.

Illume control

Experiment through many second illume, this company selected system of Ou Silang’s subordinate DigitalLumens intelligence lighting.

The first area includes 30 lamps, server and wireless gateway. Two existing double 70WT8 lamps can change a DLE-24 mixes 24, the lamp of intelligent tall canopy of 000 lumen. The sensor that lamp of every tall canopy has him, all control is finished in network browser, can let illumination intensity break up two times so, still come true at the same time of 60% energy-saving.

Besides energy-saving besides, through increasing illumination strength, but type of executive advance gradually moves smooth control, the easy that increased a worker is measurable.

Mix of advance gradually style means control system to be able to shorten illume overtime as far as possible solely, and won’t be opposite the trouble is caused in the person of the job below the lamp.

Defer after 30 seconds, the system begins to pale more than 30 seconds. This means every lamp to be able to adjust up and down slowly, each bits of the sources of energy is saved below the situation that does not affect safety.

So far, the factory had installed 439 lamps, saved 250 much watt-hour, quality also rises somewhat.

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