Blue tooth makes agreement of first selection of intelligent floor space

David Hollander of chief inspector of sale of market of alliance of blue tooth technology introduces blue tooth how to make the first selection agreement of domain of intelligent floor space

Write civil: David Hollander of chief inspector of sale of market of alliance of blue tooth technology
Blue tooth makes agreement of first selection of intelligent floor space

Predict to come 2023, the quantity will exceed year of shipment of equipment of space of floor of blue tooth intelligence 374 million, at the appointed time developer and engineers will welcome a lot of opportunity, devote into continuously at network of Mesh of this blue tooth change. So, why does Mesh let everybody do it after all infatuate?

Function of brand-new blue tooth Mesh supports communication of many pairs of many equipment, and those who be aimed at mass equipment network found undertook optimizing. Since was released in July 2017, blue tooth Mesh already became the actor of mass equipment network to choose. The product that at present already many 200 when come from banner chip, stack, component and terminal product supplier have Mesh network function obtains attestation.

The backside of function of network of blue tooth Mesh is having vast development power, the large firm of the territory of intelligent household market such as Alibaba and millet drafted strategic platform decision-making, to use its intelligence lives in the developer of platform to offer network of blue tooth Mesh to support.

Commerce and industrial environment need a kind of perfect solution, make its can be in stable and in the mass equipment network of low defer, reliable and join surely thousands of stage equipment. Actually, use level to implement the automation of whole establishment or dealer wireless the agreement of intelligent floor space that infect feeling network and chooses, the success or failure that decides integral solution or product are released.


Of meshy network dependability deciding is the ability that passes an information to another equipment from an equipment according to its. Blue tooth Mesh is not exceptional also, the message relay that it uses two kinds of forms will ensure uninterrupted message delivers —— reciprocity to correspond (Peer-to-peer Communications) and relay of multichannel diameter message (Multipath Message Relay) . But these two kinds of methods are after all what kind of, its work way how?

The quits information that passes blue tooth Mesh is delivered, all node can correspond each other directly. It is nonexistent centre of collect Chinese style, that is to say if a node malfunctions, won’t produce domino effect, the network won’t appear only place breakdown. Multichannel diameter message is delivered make blue tooth Mesh can use management extensive big (framework of relay of Managed Flood) message, this framework can realize reliable information to deliver through ego rehabilitate. If method suffocate suffocate, criterion message but its replace simple by sexual method is delivered, the function of without reason barrier like letting wireless installation implementation resemble wired system thereby and but expansibility.


About the application of intelligent floor space, discussing one of most issues is security. Whether does network of blue tooth Mesh have corresponding safe framework, can it solve deploy is the company place of network of mass wireless equipment pressing the problem of attention? The answer is affirmative. To ensure all Mesh message is mixed closely through adding test and verify, all communication can use the AES-CCM that contains 128 close key undertake protective, this is a kind of need substantially of safe and confidential sex and governmental class attestation add close algorithm.

Do not think all these is in same layer (on Layer) . Close key of the close key of equipment of —— of safety close key that the core of safety of blue tooth Mesh is 3 kinds of types, application close key and network. These close key can be network of blue tooth Mesh to provide security from different respect, the attention of crucial function —— that achieves security of network of blue tooth Mesh nods depart (Separation Of Concerns) . Should be when message of network level relay, need not read if want to read,take content; take content, can use another application only close key eliminates protection, offer true end to arrive thereby carry security.

Finally, bag of all Mesh data is classics is promiscuous, make the message is unscrambled hard, and any the message is medium identifying information is moved to divide. This can prevent someone else to dog Mesh network equipment, become more and more important when network security especially, and equipment is in continuously when a series of other networks are medium.

Each other is epicene

The different supplier of global each district and the product need that the enterprise has come true to work in coordination. Blue tooth Mesh offers much manufacturer each other epicene, the product that ensures you are bought from a manufacturer can work faultlessly in coordination with the product of other firm. Each other is epicene in each industries indispensable, blue tooth Mesh is implementation each other of truly much manufacturer is epicene important one pace.

Blue tooth Mesh can make thousands of equipment corresponds each other and nonexistent compatibility problem, at the same time can contented business is used reach industrial performance demand. The industry that can count 1000 node to have through network of blue tooth Mesh and business provide support with the network. High density illume and sensor deploy are very common in these domains, and must can expand quickly network dimensions, and blue tooth Mesh is in the light of these extensive network demand quantity body is custom-built.

The blue tooth technology of all level is complete standard (of Fully Specified) , adopt distinctive complete inn method (Full-stack) , defined all content that apply to superstratum from rock-bottom radio. Alleged “ cannot metamorphic (Immutability)” is to point to a model (the node that uses in Model) and network forever applicable standard. For example, if you bought switch of an electric lamp this year, so the bulb that after you still can use it to control, buys.

Of blue tooth technology patulous

The function of blue tooth technology is far more than at Mesh network itself, it still can bring remarkable additional value for your product. If you want to add support of network of blue tooth Mesh, can regard Beacon as itself of blue tooth chip, offer this locality to change information, asset to dog thereby reach navigation service.

Normally cent is the solution that is based on positional service two kinds: Be close to kind of solution and location system. Be close to kind of solution to include article to track a solution (be like individual property label) solution of information of the bid that reach the ground (if be close to kind of perception Beacon); the system of real time location that location system includes to be able to be used at asset to dog (RTLS) and usable at indoor navigation indoor. These appreciation functions that surmounted Mesh itself make blue tooth becomes the technical provider that can offer solution of richer intelligent Lou Yu.

This year in January, technical alliance released blue tooth to be searched brand-newly to the function, make blue tooth equipment can make clear the direction of blue tooth signal. This one new function includes the blue tooth that can identify equipment way to be close to kind (Proximity) solution, and the system of blue tooth location that has centimeter of class position precision, make blue tooth can satisfy all-around fixed position to use then exemple, farther will blue tooth makes the first selection agreement that makes field of intelligent floor space.

Nowadays, blue tooth regards banner low power comsumption as wireless join technology, can use at frequency, data or broadcast information are being transmitted between equipment.

Now, the introduce and serves to blue tooth fixed position further support as Mesh network function, blue tooth will promote the application of city of illume of industrial automation, interconnection, wisdom further, with the development of net of couplet of etc industry other people and solution of advanced intelligence Lou Yu.

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