Beijing east becomes Wang Zhe of TV face plate, shipment of factory of mainland face plate already took the whole world 4 into half

Inside face plate industry of the whole world, general component is mixed for large size in small size two domains, former and main it is to supply liquid crystal TV, and latter is to supply a smartphone to wait. We know in recent years almost mostly mobile phone go up below the environment of AMOLED screen, samSung was become in small size face plate the Wang Zhe of this domain, although Beijing is Oriental,chasing all the time.



Be in nevertheless domain of large size face plate is domestic manufacturer precedes, according to the report of famous orgnaization says, volume of shipment of whole world of face plate of liquid crystal TV is 140 million about first half of the year this year, grew 3.6% compared to the same period, shipment area is 77.34 million square metre about, grow 10.4% compared to the same period.

And the share of volume of shipment of whole world of face plate factory of chinese mainland was achieved first half of the year 45.8% , hold near the portion of the half, among them Beijing is Oriental a row the first, LG company ranks 2, taiwan group the report that start light ranks the 3rd, it is the China star photoelectricity with subordinate TCL next, the 5th is SamSung.

This year first half of the year, amount of Beijing east shipment is 27.6 million, exceeded LG, but lose LG company slightly on shipment area, latter shipment amount is 22.65 million, a bit dominant position still can hold on shipment area. And group achieve photoelectricity first half of the year shipment 21.92 million face plate, grow 5.6% compared to the same period, the amount is discharged the 3rd, the area is discharged the 4th.

By produce can for, face plate of global large size grew 12.2% first half of the year this year, annual predicts to grow 8.8% , but because competition is intense, price of large size face plate glides quickly, downstream demand growth does not follow to go up produce can grow, industry of global face plate also is facing the pressure of be issued to lower levels.

We can see, no matter be on the market of screen face plate of each dimension, domestic manufacturer is sending force ceaselessly. And be in the current that face plate of global large size increases, domestic manufacturer can be mixed in the price produce can go up hold a dominant position, can bring the data result of get effect instantly certainly. In also hoping to be in at the same time on market of small size face plate, domestic manufacturer can continue hard to hold more seats.

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