Be successful of technical gap strategy! SamSung is contractible with Intel difference

Global semiconductor market is off-season in, strategy of gap of SamSung electron technology begins be successful, the 2nd season begins to pull close the difference with Intel.

According to media of Korea science and technology ” Etnews ” report, the sale of Intel semiconductor career drops continuously 3 season, watch SamSung electron instead, 3 season occurrence growth is lain between to go when semiconductor career sale situation.


The evaluation points out, samSung electron technology sees the effect at the beginning of difference strategy, but also the analysis thinks, semiconductor price still lasts to drop, add Japan to make the uncertainty ingredient such as exit to Han Xian, samSung electron is short-term be afraid cannot recapture global semiconductor the throne of the 1st.

IHSMarkit of city air company at 13 days of statistic each preliminary money of big company signs up for, run of career of semiconductor of electron of Intel of the 2nd season, SamSung closes to be 15.4 billion 49 million dollar, 12.9 billion 72 million dollar respectively this year.

Run of Intel semiconductor career closed last year the 3rd season achieves acme () of 18.8 billion 74 million dollar, but glide one after another however 3 season. Contrary, although SamSung electron also is in the 3rd season achieved battalion to close last year new tall () of 21 billion 15 million dollar, close to glide one after another in battalion after 2 season, the 2nd season begins small to pick up this year.

In fact, 2017 run of career of each big company semiconductor receives the 2nd season in seniority, samSung electron surmounts Intel first, make global semiconductor the 1st. But ebb as memory market, last year after throne of champion of regain of Intel of the 4th season, samSung electron can be chased after closely only after, but narrow in electron of SamSung of the 2nd season the message with Intel difference, partial analysis thinks, samSung electron will again Intel of pull up to.

IHSMarkit is analysed to this, samSung electron enlarges mobile market, memory market successfully, create new vitality in memory product, and Intel is in content couplet net (IoT) career obtains right positive result, continue in the leadership position of semiconductor industry, dan Yunduan serves an industry (CSP) demand decreases, the career such as data center is immersed in low fan. On the other hand, branch of processor of Intel brunt career, get the giant offensive that confronts the competitive company such as AMD.

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