Be personally on the scene! SKT rolls out the direct seeding of electric competition issue that is based on technology of 5G, VR, AR to serve

According to Korea times report, korea SK telecommunications last week 5 express, this company rolled out 3 kinds to enhance reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) serves, these services are offerred by its 5G network, view an experience for what electronic sports fan offers truer, be personally on the scene.

This company shows, as mushroom of number of electric contest lover, its issue generation to watch service emerge as the times require. Show according to SKT data, the spot of total final of world hero alliance that will hold in Korea last year in November shares 26 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch to watch, the whole world had 100 million vermicelli made from bean starch to watch the game through direct seeding about.


Fist game is in a LOL park that Er builds the electronic athletics field inside can hold 400 audiences, but match entrance ticket often early makes work empty, SKT points out, its are based on VR, the service of AR technology allows electric contest lover to be in through the smartphone can enjoy true match to view an experience anyplace.

Jump AR service offerred a kind of body to face the experience on electric competition field for the user, and offer 360 degrees of perspectives. VR rebroadcast service provides the wonderful setting of game from the angle of game character. Wear VR helmet, the user can enjoy be personally on the scene view an experience, as if place oneself in the center of the battlefield at game. The close quarters of camera of 360 degrees of VR that VR spot direct seeding makes the user can be in electric contest competition ground to go up through installation watchs a player.

Jeon Jin-soo of chief of branch of business of SKT 5GX service expresses: &Athletics of electron of the generation below Ldquo; watchs a service to had become reality now. We will continue to expand be enmeshed type 5G serves. ”

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