Baidu and Beijing fact are achieved reach collaboration to will make division of capital intelligence garden

Recently, beijing fact achieves high-tech to develop fact of finite liability company, Beijing to achieve garden of science and technology to develop construction Inc. (fact of “ of the following abbreviation achieves ”) and Baidu to sign strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will spread out intelligence to turn an attempt around the setting such as intelligent garden area.

Artificial intelligence

As we have learned, both sides will be in respect of setting of intelligent town business, drive the demonstrative application construction of the different setting in intelligent city and promotion, disentomb jointly, offer setting to have fall to the ground. Drive intelligent town business to be in the school, village, street the demonstrative application construction in waiting for common city unit and business of town of promotion; intelligence treat the demonstrative application construction in waiting for urban government and promotion in enterprise, traffic, put together.

Transition aspect is changed in intelligence of area of garden of science and technology, both sides will drive artificial intelligence to be in the construction of area of garden of science and technology, operation, application that serves phase and promotion, those who use big data technology to promote garden area to manage is orderly wait for a technology to promote garden effectively division management efficiency through artificial intelligence with efficient; , reduce administrative cost, achieve fall the target of this synergism.

The data shows, solid achieve a company to be engaged in area of garden of ZhongGuanCun science and technology technically developing construction, already developed the land as a whole now Information Industry base, ZhongGuanCun always the many projects such as base of high yield employment.

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