AT32F413 series MCU obtains Yateli plant of car of before home 3 old cars uses a quantity to produce

Yateli (Chongqing) science and technology infiltrates at announcing its AT32F413 series is successful already on July 10, 2019 plant of car of before home 3 old cars, successful quantity is produced roll out the person that use to global terminal. This tall compositive and the solution that tall sex price compares is based on ARM Cortex-M4 kernel, library of supportive SLib safe code (Security Library) , the memory support of tie-in diversity and rich piece go up resource allocation, special apply to consumption all sorts of cost such as net of couplet of automation of sexual electron, industry, content are sensitive the application that reachs expensive operation demand.

Collect of instruction of DSP of AT32F413 series support and integrated floating-point is unit (FPU) , CPU traversal speed can amount to 200 MHz, tie-in 64KB~256KB shines put (Flash) and but stretch configuration capacity (the SRAM of 16/32/64 KB) , working temperature accords with industrial level – 40~105°C. In addition, this plan is supportable power supply of 2.6V-3.6V wide voltage, i/O is highest can bear 5V voltage, visit speed can amount to FAHB/2, compositive Crystal-less USB2.0 amain program of interface, SPIM(and data can be added close) interface is supportable outside enlarge Quad SPI Flash, with 2 groups of independent CAN 2.0B bus line, reach the serial transmission interface such as USART, UART, I²C, SPI / I²S, SDIO, DMA, in order to realize complex industry and car electron relevant applying.

Be worth what carry is, AT32F413 series guides SLib safe library (Security Library) , supportive code protection appoints trader of program of; of limits program area to be able to burn collection core algorithm to arrive according to demand designate limits program area, so that issue tourist door 2 times to develop, the system with different program applies norms.

Lin Hongyu of ability general manager expresses Yatelike: ” technology of research and development of chip of banner high end and product competition ability are in Yateli industry be obvious to all, already accumulated millions since making work formally more than one year to export shipment record, achieve multinomial positive result jointly with many lead firm. Regard Chongqing as chip of the first small controller (MCU) designs a company, we throw technical research and development continuously, devote oneself to to offer homebred turn high quality small controller, create a profit for more client and home market. ”

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