Artificial intelligence progress needs a breakthrough to calculate force to depend on

Say according to news of day of Venturebeat16 of website of American science and technology, facial book (Facebook) company artificial intelligence (· admire Sen Di is opposite the Mu of Er of responsible an outstanding personality of AI) domain existing artificial intelligence depends on expression calculating force anxious, he thinks, in the near future of soft hardware optimize will become crucial.

In speech a few days ago, peisendi expresses, rub of Er law terminative mean the computation that founds the most advanced AI place to need to increasing. He cited an analysis that the name is “OpenAI” , this analysis discovers, since 2012, the computational quantity that founds place of the most advanced system to need increases 10 times every year.

Artificial intelligence

Peisendi says, in the past, because the computational ability of the computer is limited, force software developer to develop efficient code in order to make full use of already some; calculating force today, be in at least short-term inside of the computer consider force quite abundant, but for fast iteration, the development time of developer becomes finite, because this was used all sorts of already had component part library, support calculates force to offset the small effect of code. But consider force won’t infinite growth goes down, developer will be faced with need to optimize code to calculate the circumstance of force in order to use.

People still can see progress, its increase as what computation measures and increase, but subsequently and come, pressure also is met bigger and bigger, peisendi says: “ I think, the use computer with can more and more frequent people, you still can get online, but it can become slow rise, because you cannot catch up with that increase the pace of 10 times one year. ”

Peisendi describes this one problem to let his “ night cannot sleep ” , if artificial intelligence wants to progress uncrossedly, optimize those who need more software innovation, hardware and software —— and not be more powerful computation force, this are right in the near future artificial intelligence development is crucial.

Dark the base of a fruit of · admire of outstanding Er Mu is expert of tip of artificial intelligence domain, before total controller of domain of AI of replace face book, he ever was scientist of IBM presiding data, be in the group of ” of Watson of artificial intelligence “ with famous IBM works.

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