AMD big batch did not release a product to be announced! R9 3900 is conspicuous

The intermediary outside having recently reports, the government-owned number of squares that says Europe has a committee has the AMD that did not release according to be being put in the library data of the 3rd acting Ryzen CPU, subsequently also by exposure. The product that involves among them has Ryzen 9 3900, Ryzen 7 3700, Ryzen 5 3500 to wait.


The data still is announced, ryzen 9 3900 is 12 nucleuses configuration of 24 lines Cheng, and match have 65W TDP, yi Ru of Ryzen 7 3700 is. And specific data of Ryzen 5 3500 is not Anacreontic, having netizen estimation may be Ryzen 5 2500X upgrades edition.

In addition, AMD still plans to roll out the product of Pro series, because Ryzen 9 Pro 3900, Ryzen 7 Pro 3700 and Ryzen 5 Pro 3600 also appeared in the database,these bring the model of Pro. The outside imagines the product that these did not release AMD, action basically is the product that locates between fill price gap. Ceaseless fractionize market, wu begs essence of life to hold the customer that has diverse demand definitely.

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