Although car city issues requirement of LED of trochlear plan step still high speed grows

The intermediary outside occupying reports, analysis of LED Inside of ministry of the career below Trend Force banner says, be affected by global trade friction and economic depression, sales volume of global car city appeared last year negative grow. 2019, although the instability of global economic situation still is continueing, however car of new energy resources presents fast growing trend however. relatively at traditional car, because car of new energy resources is right the demand of LED is bigger, LED also appears in the permeability in product of each cart lamp piece go against force growth.


The basis is forecasted, 2019, desired value of income of LED of step of global car plan will reach 3.17 billion dollar, 2018-2023 year year compound increase rate will be achieved 7% .

Trend Force analyst expresses: In light of the rank of “ sheet of a list of names posted up of income of LED of car plan step from supplier of global mainstream LED, semiconductor of Ou Silang photoelectricity, day inferior chemical (Nichia) with lumen (Lumileds) holding before 3 a list of names posted up is odd last year. Although two old car markets of China and United States went now to slip last year, but the battalion of the product of LED of car plan step of Ou Silang, lumen and other supplier closes to present growth however or mere small glide. Especially Asian supplier, expression receives in the business battalion of this domain outstanding. Be like an Er semiconductor limited company to show itself in Korea LED supplier, product income was obtained grow steadily. ”


Disclose according to Trend Force, include 100 million photoelectron (Everlight) , division acute (CREE) reach other supplier inside, all its are in active establish the position in car market.

It is with 100 million photoelectron exemple, the income of product of LED of step of its car plan is 48 million dollar about, make whole world of body of this company ascend the position of the 8th, also be exclusive a Chinese Taiwan business that enters Top 10 of sheet of a list of names posted up of global LED income. From the point of the product, 100 million photoelectron aim to measure produce LED headlamp, prepare to be permeated to Europe and market of American car look forward to. Be worth what carry is, this company still plans to pull headlamp of LED of type of matrix of joint research and development with the sea, predict new product will apply at 2019 new models.

Interior trim

At present, the LED headlamp that odd chip or double chip kind distribute on market emerges in endlessly. Develop to miniaturization as LED, the design flexibility of headlamp also rises subsequently. According to estimation, count in future inside year, the market permeability of LED headlamp will grow continuously.

In addition, future still will be pleasant to the eye to be used at illume of car core condition to the LED product of higher standards in car interior trim, achieve the result of complete color and dynamic atmosphere. It is reported, science and technology of Dominant, Ou Silang, 100 million photoelectron, smooth treasure (Lite-On) , great triumphant photoelectricity (Brightek) for main environmental illume LED supplier.

Current, product of illume of environment of complete color LED is being introduced in high-end model. Perfect the growth that reachs market demand as the abidance of product standards, we will see future the wide application of this kind of product.

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