Afterwards CAG after the 59th conference, the test of 5G NR consistency RF that is attestation of GCF of classics of heart science and technology occupies the front row inside course of study firmly with the amount of the exemple

It is emulation solution of network of 5G of heart science and technology ecosystem of the shift that help strength quickens 5G equipment attestation

On August 5, 2019, beijing ——It is company of heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announced a few days ago, the consultative consistency group that holds recently (CAG) on the 59th conference, forum of attestation of course whole world (the attestation of GCF) , be support of heart science and technology accord with 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine (the radio frequency of NR) standard (RF) test still occupies the front row inside course of study firmly with the amount of the exemple. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

This the conference is added in Spanish Ma La hold, affirm on the meeting: In the 5G network that is heart science and technology emulation consistency checks platform (in TP168) , the measures try out exemple measure that passes GCF attestation is inside course of study be far ahead. Include to be inside frequency limits 2(FR2) among them, check in the light of consistency of 5G NR radio frequency (the industry that RCT) has first GCF attestation. Through complete set radio frequency is being visited on single platform the test is used exemple, equipment manufacturer can quicken executive GCF attestation efficiently easily with economy, ensure its equipment accords with 3GPP standard. In addition, it is heart science and technology it is exclusive at present a radio frequency test that offers classics PTCRB attestation in FR2 uses the firm of the exemple. Accordingly, the client that is emulation solution of network of 5G of heart science and technology is OK all-around the contented 3GPP requirement to deploy of 5G NR millimeter wave.

Of 5G technology commercialize deploy to be being quickened, those who aim to satisfy consumption and perpendicular industry is numerous with exemple demand. Accordingly, need of mobile equipment manufacturer visits newest radio frequency, wireless resource to manage continuously as early as possible (RRM) and test of consultative consistency 3GPP are normative, so that pass attestation of 5G NR equipment in time. The consistency test that the attestation orgnaization such as GCF uses conduces to ensure business accords with newest 3GPP with 5G equipment standard of the 15th edition, can move normally on mobile network.

It is vice-president of heart science and technology holds Kailash Narayanan of general manager of department of wireless test career concurrently to express: Of attestation of CGF of “ our course use at radio frequency consistency to check (the 5G NR test of RCT) occupies industry front row firmly with the amount of the exemple, this is the result that we and market leaders maintain clasp, revealed us to develop and take the lead in offerring 5G to check the banner place of solution respect for the market in the standard. We are very glad to help a client ask to develop ahead as test of newest 3GPP consistency, crucial effect is produced in the procedure that prompts deploy of inchoate 5G commerce to become reality. ”

CAG the 58th conference this year some earlier moment is held, it is meeting hind announces heart science and technology, independent group net is not in 5G NR (NSA) mode and independent group net (below SA) mode, tool of test of Keysight 5G consistency covers a support the amount is maximum, the GCF that passes attestation and PTCRB agreement test and radio frequency consistency measure try out exemple. January, the 5G NR that is heart science and technology is not test of independent group net to use exemple take the lead in obtaining GCF to approve, dislodge ecosystem can undertake agreement and attestation of radio frequency equipment quickly.

5G radio frequency / tool of test of consistency of wireless resource management covers an one of component that regarding as is series of emulation solution of network of 5G of heart science and technology, dislodge operation business, chip and equipment manufacturer and test lab can span whole job flow (arrive to check and accept and be made from inchoate design) it is at the same time under 6 GHz (FR1) and millimeter wave (FR2) frequency paragraph inside undertake test and verify to new facility. Series of this one solution made full use of is the UXM 5G wireless platform of heart science and technology, all sorts of pair of tests can be offerred to use the inchoate visit of the exemple on a general platform. It is heart science and technology satisfies the whole world to test requirement through single solution platform, dislodge industry can quicken attestation the equipment of 5G much model of different over all dimension.

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