AB Dynamics rolls out new data to transmit a tool

(Picture origin: Net of AB Dynamics official)

(Picture origin: Net of AB Dynamics official)

The intermediary outside occupying reports, the car checked systematic supplier AB Dynamics to roll out TrackFi PowerMesh of a new product, provide complete link to check car and object, driving automatically reliable data is provided in car and ADAS test process.

TrackFi PowerMesh is radio of a kind of new-style Shuang Pin IP, the radio frequency that can use 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz is sent and receive implement, undertake choosing between two frequency Duan Zhi, ensure thereby the optimal join between many car in checking setting, and security of data of high handling capacity is transmitted. TrackFi PowerMesh can be united in wedlock with platform of AB Dynamics ADAS, or as static node installation is by test track.

AB Dynamics sells explanation of chief inspector Jeremy Ash to say, system of “ car security is increasingly complex, increase increasingly to the demand of full-scale test, handling capacity and number of reliable real time test increase according to transmitting demand to also be in. TrackFi PowerMesh conduces to simplify these programs, ensure simple, safe, efficient data is arranged and transmit, tradition of operation sex excel is based on the solution of WLAN. ”

The low defer number between the occasional of vehicle of much stage car and ground traffic control is defeated to offer real time to correspond through meshy network as it is said, to driving automatically the car checks crucial. Accordingly, trackFi PowerMesh and car of those need and test are complete connective test site is compatible, need not additional test or complex setting.

Jeremy Ash still expresses, “TrackFi PowerMesh is modular rate is high, apply to extensive test setting. In ADAS test, with lead soft cause (occurrence collision can cause Guided Soft Target) to damage and endanger data to carry, but TrackFi PowerMesh 4 omnidirectional antenna but fold, it is the ideal tool that ADAS checks. When this product regards a static state as node, can connect forcedly receive power source, permanent use, perhaps use together with portable batteries group, increase the flexibility of the test. Whole system is founded easily, also can be between car, target or place relaxed and migratory. ”

TrackFi PowerMesh offers many mobile car to check data in real time, these car are used at V2V or V2X fixed position and speed are measured. These data can convey to undertake checking continuously monitoring to the lab directly, perhaps drive for AB Dynamics the robot offers long-range monitoring.

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