14nm of the generation below Intel Guan Xuan comes strong can expand processor: Highest interface of 56 nucleuses, LGA4189

On August 6, intel announces, next generation XeonScalable(come strong can expand) processor is familial (code name CooperLake) will realize only way interface highest 56 nucleuses.

CooperLake comes strong X86 first the AI of built-in standardization trains character quickly, support Bfloat16, push first half of the year on 2020 to the market.


According to the news that announces before this, cooperLake uses Intel craft of the 4th acting 14nm is made. Although come currently strong platinic gold 9200 series also are highest 112 lines of 56 nucleuses Cheng, but Intel says, cooperLake is LGA independent interface, be not conformity of BGA double chip to enclose, power comsumption also is met lower.

The message says, the new interface of Intel predicts is LGA4189(it is LGA3647) currently, in the meantime, 10nmIceLake can continue to powerful processor LGA4189 of continue to use.

Additional, to strong platinic gold 9200 series processor has begun to accept the sheet below OEM to buy, the client includes to associate, HP enterprise, Atos, Penguin, Megware.

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