What is segregation number input?

Although keep apart digital input and digital isolator to sound very similar, but a few notable difference exist between them actually. After reading Benbowen, hope you can differentiate easily a distinction between two isolating function.

Internal composition

Digital isolator acts as those who offer electric current to keep apart digital signal method is basic (or it is to strengthen normally model) function. Come from heart state apparatus (the segregation structure of TI) is capacitance sex, its insulation protective screen by our complementary metallic oxide semiconductor (the composition of capacitor of two high pressure that compose of CMOS) engineering technology builds. High frequency carrier wave corresponds to sub side from primary side through keeping apart bar, and our digital isolator can bear be as high as 12.8 KV bring to bear on the working voltage of surge voltage and 1.5 KV, and won’t destroy double capacitance protective screen. A crucial component of digital isolator is basic or strengthen model segregation voltage.

What is segregation number input?

Graph 1: Digital isolator

Segregation number input is appropriative offer be inputted from sensor or the basic function that the electricity that the logic to interface of lead plane controller exports other input type keeps apart. Differ with digital isolator, the input class that keeps apart digital input (if the graph is shown 2 times) include an user to set input threshold value and restriction of compositive electric current, allow 9V to be logistic output to the input voltage changeover inside 60V limits. In the simplest form, segregation number input uses as segregation comparator, have a few add functions that design easily.

What is segregation number input?

Graph 2: Keep apart digital input

Use difference

The modulus converter that digital isolator uses in signal method normally (ADC) or data collect converter and lead plane controller or small controller (between MCU) . Digital isolator is common also in the function of segregation power source at giving a system.

Segregation number inputs special design to input receiver for the number, use at but process designing logic is controlled (control of PLC) , electric machinery and application of electrified wire netting, in order to realize the interface between field side input and lead plane controller. Keeping apart a number to input is to face field side input, can configure easily use at collecting to apply with the source. Compositive electric current is restricted to be worth the heat that can inputting ground of the utmost below voltage environment higher to reduce an input to distributing, pass setting of simple and easy and exterior resistor, in order to accord with international Electrotechnical Committee (the I of IEC)61131-2, II or III switch. Ballast resistor setting inputs; of voltage threshold value to be able to use online calculator to choose resistor easily.

Power source difference

Digital isolator need is primary with sub side power source. In the graph 3 in, the power supply of ” of “ field side of the digital isolator that keeps apart power source to be ADC and join ADC.

What is segregation number input?

Graph 3: ISO7741 keeps apart MCU and ADC communication

Segregation number input needs sub side power supply only. In the number is being kept apart to input with ISO1212 in ISO1211(graph 4) , field side by input power supply, accordingly need not field side power source. Compare with photograph of other component solution, this plan more easily front design.

What is segregation number input?

Graph 4: ISO1211 configuration inputs module for PLC number

Input of our new-style segregation number is a give typical examples in means of TI a lot of innovation. The segregation solution that TI is making the whole world the the most powerful, most reliable becomes easier, more efficient.

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