TTI has the honor to win Molex 2018 to spend global agency year after year award

The agency with banner industry surpasses a person of the same trade, increase Molex client number

Singapore–On July 22, 2019–Molex announces TTI is had the honor to win 2018 agency of year whole world award. This award issue in those days the most outstanding global channel partner, this one partner advanced Molex technology solution to grow in the sale of global market, and be in global finance affairs, operation and administration respect performance are outstanding. 7% what TTI exceeded channel whole level in the growth rate 2018.

The growth that promoting solution of technology of Molex innovation sex continually, enter global market thereby this on one hand, TTI is producing indispensable effect. Fred Bell of vice-president of distribute of Molex whole world expresses: The enormous contribution that the distribute channel that we are honoured to be able to approbate them to be us very much makes “ . TTI is revealed gave outstanding consent, made enormous contribution at the same time for two companies. ”

Agency of Molex year whole world award bear the palm person evaluate the standard that is based on many categories to fall with choose, include a sale compared to the same period support of growth, inventory management, new product, sale is participated in degree, and with the organization the administrative layer of each levels can have answer goodly. TTI is unifinication of passive, connector, Electromechanical and disperse component domain the agency with a banner whole world, surpassed a person of the same trade far, increased market share considerably for Molex in the whole world.

Mike Morton of official of TTI company presiding operation expresses: “TTI is very glad that with Molex formed global partner concerns, and this one award what bring approbate. We are honoured to be able to be obtained very much approbate, will top-ranking Molex solution recommends the client of global each district. ”

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