The design faces prospective elevator

Forecast according to U.N. economy and ministry of social general affairs, to 2050, the whole world lives the population that has 2/3 in the city. Advance what change a course as the city quickly, the member that people can carry the intelligent person that uses in Lou Yu feels a technology (if vision of artificial intelligence, computer, stream of people measures statistic to wait) will help the liquidity that increases staff, reduce small effect problem, promote Lou Yu value. The article will discuss the member that how to use intelligent person to feel a technology to shorten the time that elevator system reachs purpose floor, improve the experience that multiply ladder thereby.

If the graph is shown 1 times, the time that the time that reachs purpose floor differs by 3 paragraph form: The latency time, time that ascend ladder and the time that multiply ladder.

The design faces prospective elevator

Graph 1: Each time that elevator reachs purpose floor paragraph

One of crucial objects that design contemporary elevator system are to shorten the average time that all passengers reach purpose floor. For example, in a 16 commercial office building, the average time that reachs purpose floor is 70 seconds about, average latency time is 25 seconds about – but this time is met according to the actual condition that day change somewhat. In lunch period of time, because staff turnover office building can generate two-way flow, because this elevator arrives at the time of purpose floor,often grow than in the morning.

The design of contemporary elevator system devotes oneself to to reduce a passenger to arrive at the time of purpose floor, improve the efficiency with mobile in whole Lou Yu people. Group control algorithm can help intelligent elevator forecast and run height period of time (if be mixed in the morning lunch period of time) person discharge. For the person that awaits elevator to be being mixed by elevator, the lift that lets be fully loaded with stops in a certain floor to receive carry more passenger to be not run way efficiently. Additional, the floor that sends elevator nobody to multiply ladder (when somebody call elevator but when going away however) the practice that also is small effect.

The member that use millimeter wave sensor to have a person dogs, number statistic and motion detect

A kind of method that solves these problems is real time the number awaits outside passenger number and elevator carrying inside computational elevator, in order to come true efficient the group control with trends is algorithmic. Additional, the ability that personnel and transient elevator personnel await outside identifying elevator is very important also, can think elevator alignment provides more accurate data so. Intelligent personnel detects function (number statistic and motion detect) make system of elevator group control can undertake elevator more efficiently attemper, improve the experience that multiply ladder, save specific power consumption and operation cost.

The sensor of industrial millimeter wave that heart state apparatus offers for floor space automation can come true indoor (inside 14m limits) of personnel detect and dog. It can be used at undertaking high accuracy is occupied detect, and detect hair elevator system is stricken when the personnel seat that give and speed can be used at enter relevant area or be in when personnel to move to specific direction. In addition, it still can optimize elevator door to operate (elevator door maintains to open when ascending ladder or shut) . Sensor of millimeter wave of heart state apparatus is used board carry processing capability, the static object with pass oversight not important (like table and case) with goer body (like plant zephyr fan) will reduce a mistake to detect. It can work in the environment that provides a challenge extremely, fall like dazzling sunshine, nightly, and the environment that has the low visibility such as smoke, mist and dirt. Because was not photographed,resemble head or optical lens, millimeter wave technology still applies to sensitive to privacy application circumstance.

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