The company such as SamSung beautiful light quickens 96 stack to shine put a quantity to produce 2020 predominate


64 stack 3D NAND

The influence shines put the price to go of situation still is market supply and demand, to now a few showed the brunt product that retains a firm to already changed 64 stack to 3D NAND last year, this is to shine put depreciating main factor.

This year SamSung, on the west the 3D that the company such as number, Toshiba, beautiful light announced to the banner issues 96 stack shows the information that stores a quantity to produce, digitimes report saysThese manufacturers are improving 96 actively to show the fine that put to lead, hopeful made the main trend of the market 2020.

Message personage explodes makings say, the 3D of 96 stack shines put will occupy this year produce can 30% , accelerate technical transition as the manufacturer nevertheless and raise fine to lead, next year 96 can shine more than 64 the yield that put put.

Because shine,put this year cheapen ceaselessly, Shine put a manufacturer to had begun to cut reduction of output to be able to be supplied in order to reduce the market, its are Sino-US light will be produced can cut down from 5% expand to 10% , SK Hailishi also beforehand appraise this year produce can reduce 10% above than 2018.

The measure of semiconductor material control that SamSung electron also adjusted production to plan to be initiated in order to answer Japan to Korea recently.

Message personage thinks, the plan of reduction of output of main NAND firm basically is to reduce 64 to shine keep the production that reachs mature product.

Besides 96 stack shine put besides, many NAND manufacturer returns consign the NAND of 120/128 layer stack shows storage sample to taste, predict 128 stack shine put competition to will be in second half of the year spread out to 2020 2019.

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