The apple is newest and patent: Let drive automatically car implementation is wireless charge

What malic company had applied for electric car recently is wireless charge patent. This patent name is “ wireless charge calibration system ” , the apple still described to may be used in patent application file auxiliary change direction boost a system in order to realize the car of berth. In addition, this car was being described in this patent file is how to use join to undertake charging to the radio force receiver of automobile body.


What this contains function of automatic berth car car in predicting graph basically relies on is control circuit, let change direction and advance a system to be car place in parking space, after that the radio force receiver that radio force can transmit automobile body interior from the radio force emitter in parking space.

Be in when car berth wireless charge when parking space charges, be like place the mobile phone usually with people in wireless charge dish on charge in that way, just this one process is automation. At present traditional electric car often relies on a car advocate the hand is moved insert charger the car to charge mouth, the new patent of malic company lets future jockey to charge namely become a possibility, expect this one technology can come true at once.

Of the electric car that malic company development drives automatically explode makings had not stopped all the time, bought again recently drive automatically of company of car newly established. Drive automatically without more concerned apple at present the information that the car releases. More and pertinent information, pay close attention to ZOL continuously.

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