Sunshine east put into production of product line of CSP of chip of dispatch electron radio frequency, produce per month 3 million

On July 12, the sunshine that is located in sunshine high new developed area east product line of CSP of chip of radio frequency of mobile communication of intelligence of limited company of dispatch electron science and technology is official put into production, this product line is the 2nd product line of this company, the filter of surface acoustic wave that CSP of every months of production encloses yuan parts of an apparatus 3 million, two product line predict annual produce 25 million yuan.


CSP is to show chip class is enclosed, it is new generation chip encloses a technology. The product line that establishs this, introduce advanced equipment from abroad, main application encloses product production of the form at using CSP, use automation entirely, manufacturing efficiency is tall, and enclose a form at the tradition relatively, CSP product encloses body dimension small, can realize a product more miniaturization.

Sunshine east the subsidiary that limited company of dispatch electron science and technology is Inc. of science and technology of all directions of the dispatch in Beijing, settle sunshine is new and high in May 2018 area, the company is collect chip scientific research, production, sale the company of new and high technology at an organic whole, the product that its produce is had high reliability, air-tightness and miniaturization, high frequency change, centralized wait for character, the product uses radar of intelligence of terminal of Yu Beidou navigation, mobile, number, Gaotie extensively the domain such as electron of communication, car. It is reported, chip of this company radio frequency seals line item is the project of the first production chip of our city. The project of garden of industry of sunshine wisdom small cable that the company drafts to invest 600 million yuan of construction, construction period 3 years, after building, can come true produce per year 1 billion to take the place of with Yu Xinyi the radio frequency chip of mobile terminal 5G is produced can, for the our city changeover of new old kinetic energy provides mighty power.

In recent years, sunshine high new developed area devotes oneself to to be built in order to rise hurried, focusing gets together force “ double action double bring ” , around characteristic of “ new and high ” , equipment of intelligence of key attract high end is made, big health of new generation IT, life project of industry of 3 big focal points, cultivate advantage industry group quickly, high level makes area of assemble of industry of new and high technology, innovation do poineering work new the city zone of demonstrative area, confluence yield a city, double action double leave example area.

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