Science and technology of celestial bodies core obtains license of CEVA DSP accredit, use at high-powered wireless with car communication platform

The software that CEVA-XC DSP helps science and technology of core of force celestial bodies defines radio (SDR) chip platform,

Aim at 4G/5G wireless terminal and application of beehive V2X modem

CEVA, IP accredit permits the intelligence with banner whole world and platform of processing of interconnection equipment signal and artificial intelligence processor manufacturer (Na Sida overcomes stock exchange code: CEVA) announces group of science and technology of Chinese information communication (CICT) banner leaves limited company of science and technology of core of subsidiary celestial bodies (MorningCore Technology Co. Ltd) has obtained accredit license, in its software defines radio (the deploy in SDR) processor and platform series uses CEVA-XC DSP, aim at high-powered 4G/5G wireless arrive with beehive network car everything (C-V2X) application.

CICT is dedicated the high-tech industry group at research and development of telegraphic domain innovation. The limited company of science and technology of celestial bodies core that established 2017 is Datangji’s round one part, it is CICT banner leaves main company, responsible integrated circuit (IC) and systematic level chip (the development of SoC) and innovation, wait for next generation in order to drive implementation 5G terminal and beehive V2X modem and network facilities wireless communication application. Science and technology of celestial bodies core makes full use of the CEVA-XC DSP compose with powerful function builds his the foundation of framework of wireless communication processor, use the agile platform of the program through moving with software, implementation is numerous and complex with exemple.

CEVA vice-president holds Aviv Malinovitch of general manager of branch of mobile broadband business concurrently to express: “ we are very glad that the science and technology of core of vanward business day of domain of as wireless as China communication cooperates together. Core science and technology passes our CEVA-XC DSP Ke Rangchen the function is powerful but the wide application demand that platform of process designing communication will come to to satisfy telecommunication and automobile industry, assist the deploy application that expedites the burgeoning technology such as 5G and C-V2X to be in China thereby. ”

Liu Di of vice-president of science and technology of celestial bodies core army review course: Core of “ celestial bodies is dedicated at developing advanced wireless chip platform, in order to drive the application that newest wireless communication technology is in China. The software that CEVA-XC DSP is us defines the good choice of platform of radio chip technology, can let us develop the solution that faces all sorts of application, include to correspond from beehive V2X and unmanned aircraft 5G terminal and satellite. ”

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