SamSung of control of escape Japan semiconductor or consideration build a plant in the United States

Semiconductor device

Korea ” Korea daily ” reported on July 23 local time, to Korea semiconductor as Japan exit strengthens control, two countries concern is increasingly intense, and economic retaliation of Japan has the evidence that turns for a long time more and more. The view says, the “ that the United States joins what person meeting consideration is in power of sea of Korea SamSung electron, SK to be core with Korea, China in producing system is new long-term plan ” .

On July 22, the personage discloses related semiconductor industry, to Japan apply pressure for the Korea semiconductor that feels the crisis feels, the United States is first-rate greenbelt. The nuclear duramen that although Japan can restrict SamSung electron, SK,Korea factory of Hailishi and by Korea exit reach Chinese semiconductor plant expects, cannot cut off the raw material that exports the United States however.

Data shows related the basis, the DRAM of SamSung electron is made in Korea entirely, DRAM output of Hailishi has SK 60% in Korea, of the others 40% be in China.

If be in the United States to establish a plant, can avoid custom duty bomb not only, the raw material that still can cast off Japan is applied pressure.

Nevertheless, build a plant to be in the United States, the personage weighs the content that does not have specific discussion related SamSung electron. The analysis also thinks, this two big companies think even if to build a plant in the United States, faint also attend to. Hailishi has decided SamSung electron and SK to invest tens of -727379968 Han in 34 years of of future immanent Korea yuan (1 Han Yuan adds up to 0.0008 dollars about) .

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