Meaning law semiconductor releases newest Multi-OS software tool, simplify STM32 code installation, protect firmware intellectual property

On June 28, 2019 —— to let STM32 * small controller (MCU) with microprocessor (MPU) the development work of the user becomes easier, strengthen STM32Cube ecosystem further, meaning law semiconductor releases the STM32Cube Ecosystem of latest edition, burn many code write implement compositive in a general tool.

The interface that STM32CubeProgrammer allows an user to use any convenience is burned to parts of an apparatus write code, the JTAG that includes MCU or single track are debugged (SWD) leave foot, UART or USB, SPI, I2C or CAN port.

New Multi-OS software replaced a variety of code to burn write a tool, include ST Visual Programmer (STVP) , process designing of DFuSe USB Device Firmware Upgrade implement, program of to load of Windows® special STM32 Flash, and as economic as software of ST-Link form a complete set tool, for developer installation firmware brings highest flexibility and unified environment. Begin from now, new STM32 product will support STM32CubeProgrammer software only.

STM32 Trusted Package Creator of the buy inside new tool. Close key of use AES-GCM of this safe software package is added to firmware close, cooperate module of safety of hardware of STM32HSM-V1 form a complete set (HSM) decode to firmware, protect the intellectual property of OEM manufacturer.

HSM module is in charge of equipment test and verify and accredit license task, have firmware of safety of set limit to to install (SFI) function, allow OEM manufacturer to set the facility amount that can install code. Head edition STM32HSM is used at systematic prototype to develop, installation upper limit is 300 small controller, the bottom appeared on the market in July 2019.

The STM32CubeProgrammer of newest version (STM32CubeProg) can download freely from

* STM32 is STMicroelectronics International NV (limited company of international of meaning law semiconductor) or its are mixed in the European Union / or the enrollment of the related company of other area and / or not registered trade mark. Especially, STM32 is registered in bureau of American patent brand.


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