Meaning law semiconductor and combination of Ai Rui electron release the electronic fuel eject that accords with small-sized engine to arrange new rule referenced design program

Small-sized engine discharges the reference of electronic fuel eject of new rule to devise plan

On July 19, 2019, to help car look forward to satisfy coming sheet double crock gasoline engine discharges code, meaning law semiconductor and subsidiary of Ai Rui cable released the electronic fuel eject with a complete function hand in hand (EFI) systematic report control is unit (ECU) referenced design program.

SPC5 – L9177A – K02 is electronic-controlled and unit what reference devises plan is object-oriented it is to must satisfy coming Europe 5, Indian Bharat Stage VI (BSVI) with the country the small platoon such as car of the 5 autocycle that discharge a standard, footplate, motor tricycle measures the 4 nations that reach future motor vehicle, and still can be used at deploying EFI engine of electronic-controlled and unit dynamo, shipping and agricultural engine.

The SPC572L series that consults the main component that devises plan is meaning law semiconductor assembly of motivation of 32 PowerArchitecture carSmall controllerCarry out with the compositive power supply that estimates engine application and market demand to be designed technically for small, communication interface and load implement L9177A is tall compositive spend IC. The STGD18N40 IGBT of meaning law semiconductor and IC of L9616 CAN interface also are included.

Consult design board can develop application directly for the client, deploy a perfect development ecosystem, include environment of SPC5Studio compositive development among them (IDE) (include rock-bottom driver) , SPC572L set is current timer module (GTM) configuration implement, sensor of engine crankshaft position and carry out implement dynamical assembly software library. To overcome the complex challenge related to electronic fuel eject, meaning law semiconductor and EMoticom company joint development a basic application software, help user is started and run one-cylinder engine.

Consult design program has been used by many clients project, still will increase continuously this year.

Detailed technique information:

SPC572L series belongs to meaning law semiconductor series of small controller of car of 32 high-powered series, use at running 4 crocks of the following steam derv engine, and chassis, gear-box, turn to system and braking system all. 1 what passageway of 16 the module of GTM intelligence timer with SPC572L compositive and complex set, inputs, 56 output passageway, belt emulates EEPROM. 5MB is read write synchronism (RWW) shine put, two SRAM of 64KB current data, solution string together interface of / serial peripheral (DSPI) module, increase model modulus converter system and self check function.

L9177A piece on compositive regulated power supply and carry out implement, can control two crocks of the following internal-combustion engine, use workmanship of BCD of proprietary of meaning law semiconductor, compositive on a chip logistic circuit and power source circuit, the 300mA 5V manostat that includes to heat involves a function and the 5V that batteries short circuit protects a function dog type manostat, and two low RDS (ON) guide the fuel injector driver of electrify block, use at controlling engine idle fast the pace enters sensor of electric machinery driver, oxygen to heater is outputted and diagnose a function in the round.

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