Material of SamSung semiconductor key supplies a problem to affect malic message says its already sent tall canal to head for Korea

According to foreign media coverage, get together to containing fluorine in Japan acyl inferior after glue of amine, photoetching and fluorine change the crucial semiconductor material such as hydrogen to undertake limitative to the exit of Korea, the supply that the Korea semiconductor manufacturer such as SamSung is facing crucial material side problem, although outside intermediary ever reported before this plum in what 3 kinds of crucial data already obtained after heading for Japan is urgent supply, but did not announce specific supply, the supply of crucial to its material still puts the external world in anxious.


Contain fluorine to get together acyl inferior the crucial material that the material such as amine is manufacturing chip, the material that exports limitation also includes to be used at producing the material of OLED screen. And SamSung is the DRAM with important whole world and NAND Shan Cunxin piece supplier, also be the supplier of smartphone OLED screen with the at present biggest whole world, the apple needs every year to purchase many Shan Cunxin for IPhone from SamSung piece with screen, the crucial material that SamSung produces these products is faced with potential supply problem, also make the future of these component supplies the apple facing the crisis.

Intermediary cite produces the news report that personage of respect of catenary of course of study leaks to say outside, showing the case that puts chip future to supply a likelihood to have shortage to fall, the apple already also began to be anxious, before at present its already sent tall canal, past Korea meets with SamSung, discuss show the shortage that keeps chip to may appear.

And outside intermediary still expresses in the report, because SamSung is the DRAM with important whole world and NAND shine,put chip supplier, its client also has an apple not merely, the tycoon of science and technology such as Yamaxun, Microsoft, Gu Ge, before already sending tall canal at present, past Korea understands relevant situation, evaluate potential effect.

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