It is heart science and technology rolls out analyzer of microwave of new generation hand-held

First offer the hand-held analyzer that is as high as 100 MHz real time bandwidth, compositive spectrum and function of vector network analysis, apply to 5G and electronic battle test

On June 11, 2019, beijing ——It is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announces, roll out new generation muti_function series of FieldFox B of hand-held microwave analyzer. This series analyzer has outstanding measurement precision, bandwidth is as high as 100 MHz, apply to a broadband analysis of real time spectrum, can undertake in outfield 5G checks. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

Mix badly in the condition in the environment that carries out hard, the necessity that undertakes microwave is measured accurately is taller and taller. No matter be by day, night, wet, sunshine, severe cold still is the intense heat of summer, no matter be to be in ship, plane or it is a car go up, such test is indispensable. Below these conditions, carry out the hand-held instrument that measures the task must capable to assure superior performance and precision.

Be heart science and technology is brand-new analyzer of FieldFox B series has a broadband, without seam, real time measure ability, be the ideal that outer field undertakes 5G network checks anthology. In addition, the interference in these new functions still can support a client to discover and identifying network of its satellite communications is minatory. Analyzer of hand-held of FieldFox B series works badly to bear only environment and design, hard usage, square portable belt, can bring the following advantage for the client:

·100 MHz real time bandwidth, assure exact a honeycomb-like thing base the station checks

· accords with PRF 28800F standard, can bear explosive concussion and damp weather condition

· shows average noise n (the improvement that DANL) realized 10 DB, can measure low noise signal and detect faint interference signal

· is collected, answer the primitive I/Q data in put and analysing electronic battle to check

· outfield is portable kit is OK and managing cover an area of dimensional; user interface can get used to seesaw pattern all sorts of operation mode, conduce to economic test time

· accurate processing is safeguarded daily and breakdown diagnoses the task, a variety of embedded measurement application software, can satisfy specific measurement demand

· will measure a result easily to transmit a lab from the spot, use 89600 VSA software to undertake thorough analysis

It is Dan Dunn of vice-president of ADGS of heart science and technology expresses: “ is heart science and technology has realised, the function of battle signal and complex degree are in radar and electron to promote ceaselessly, the bandwidth of hand-held microwave analyzer and dynamic limits need match to it. Now, we roll out appearance of integration analysis of the first hand-held spectrum that has 100 MHz real time bandwidth and vector network very proudly, satisfied a client to be opposite thereby the test demand of 5G and electronic battle. ”

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