It is 5G of heart science and technology test solution is won wide mix a company order, help its develop the 5G module that faces PC market quickly

It is the 5G module supplier with banner support of heart science and technology mix below in 6 GHz new eat dishes without rice or wine of 5G of much model of the test and verify inside limits of millimeter wave frequency (NR) design

On July 17, 2019, beijing ——It is company of heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) announced a few days ago, emulation solution of its 5G network has been won wide with the order that knows wireless Inc. , the 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine that helps its quicken development and test and verify to face PC market (NR) module. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection.

Regard Chinese head home as the supplier of wireless communication module that appear on the market, wide mix the tool of 5G RF DVT that is heart science and technology covers a pitch on will help its achieve strategic goal — for interconnection mobile ecosystem provider uses network of 5G content couplet (IoT) module. Tool of 5G RF DVT is covered it is one of component that are series of emulation solution of network of 5G of heart science and technology. Ecosystem is main wait for banner modem manufacturer to be a center with be being connected high, manufacturer of business of numerous and mobile operation, equipment and test lab are participated in jointly and form, the 5G network that they are used is heart science and technology emulates a solution to solve in each big market (include the United States, Japan, Korea, Europe and China) the 5G that be faced with designs a challenge. The test tool of use likeness and test are used exemple conduce to them performance of quickly equipment of test and verify achieves more consistent result.

Wide with the inspector general of research and development that tells a company Zhang Jianguo expresses: “ is passed with it is heart science and technology begins collaboration, we can satisfy different global spectrum requirement, be developed efficiently thereby and test and verify is ceaseless the 5G standard of gradual progress. Regard the whole world of the wireless communication module that uses in domain of content couplet net and consumptive electron as the supplier, we are approbated highly is the significant contribution that heart science and technology makes to 5G NR standard, and the solution abidance to newest standard supports their 5G. ”

It is Peng Cao of senior inspector general represents department of career of communication of business of heart science and technology: “ we are very glad to can help another banner 5G module supplier offer new generation business to use module of content couplet net for PC market. Design of our general platform 5G and test solution can are wide and wait for equipment manufacturer to provide overall support, drive them to quicken 5G NR much model to design the test and verify inside limits of FR1 and FR2 frequency, help mobile operation business advance 5G NR to be in quickly then frequency of all and main 3GPP paragraph deploy. ”

It is the special test cabin that heart science and technology uses its 5G network to emulate solution and numerous maturity through be united in wedlock, can be in sky (capability of overall test and verify of mobile equipment performance is provided below OTA) test environment. This solution has extremely remarkable flexibility and powerful control capacity, can measure try out exemple quickly found and analyse.

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