Intel nerve of 8 million numbers yuan bale among the computer like cerebrum

Human cerebra by the cerebral cell of 86 billion interconnection or nerve yuan composition. Intel stepped the one pace that showing to digital equivalent product now, built to have nerve of 8 million numbers yuan computer system. This system is called PohoikiBeach, contain the Loihi chip of 64 Intel lab, will provide researcher, help chip manufacturer makes this technology mature, push its to commercialize. The nerve of 8 million number of PohoikiBeach yuan it is Intel what achieve 100 million goal later on this year is important one pace.


Like the IPhone chip of Apple such real product had deployed the technical circuit that suffers cerebrum to inspire, it is important that the project of ”Loihi of “ nerve configuration of Er of Dan Ying spy was stridden to way of actual cerebra work one pace, it includes nerve even yuan the rod that is used at transmitting signal dash forward digital equivalent content, and the tree that receives these information dash forward, and join this is both dash forward touch.

Intel expresses, researcher has used Loihi system at induction of imitate cutaneous touch, control false leg and play the task such as the football. Nowadays, the promotion of processor speed more and more come true hard, the miniaturization of electronic equipment is growing steadily, and power comsumption is taller and taller. Accordingly, chip manufacturer is in attention from general CPU(the processing central is unit) turn to special chip, these chip are spent in a group of finite operation middling speed faster.

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