Galaxy Watch Active 2 or deploy ECG heartbeat to monitor

Galaxy Watch Active


According to Wareable report, the succession of the Galaxy Watch Active that SamSung has not announce person, galaxy Watch Active 2, will be the intelligent watch that this company deploys ECG heartbeat tracker first times.

However, this report says, this function will not be in when watch head is sent, offer, and will undertake updating after was released first half of the year 2020. Be in a hair when, this watch hopeful has basiccer heartbeat to dog function, if your heartbeat jumps too tall or too lowly, it can issue warning.

This is not first time of SamSung intelligence watch includes a heartbeat dog function, but the watch such as the Galaxy Watch Active before and Galaxy Watch included the optical tracker with inferior precision only. Under photograph comparing, ECG is tracked implement those who measure is exacter telegraphic number, also detect for them healthy state offerred possibility. However, ECG asks FDA approves the facility that has this function. Defer the consideration that releases this function according to reporting this also is SamSung.

the apple does increase ECG to support to place of Apple Watch Series 4. Apple Watch Series 4 will be released in September last year, but just will update ECG in the United States in December till last year, subsequently, was in England to update this year in March. However, the apple expresses, when issueing this watch at first, it had obtained the license of FDA.

Notable is, the license of FDA (Clear) and approval (Approve) is different, quality of company of medical treatment equipment manages software to develop company Greenlight Guru to combine father Jon Speer to point out, FDA participates in a new project to normally 3 is plant a level index. Among them of top level is approval, this level is only right III kind product or existence high risk but the technology that has high profit is open. Approval is gold standard, each company needs to spread out many test ability to win this title.

And Apple Watch can be II only kind product. To I kind with II kind product, FDA won’t offer “ to approve ” and just give “ to permit ” . I kind with II kind the product that the product is low risk normally, it is easy to obtain a license to be approved than obtaining apparently much. Below most circumstance, a few products need to permit is the medical treatment equipment that superintends with FDA because of them special likeness.

Accordingly, samSung wants to fulfil ECG the license that this function behoove needs to get FDA. Besides, this looks without announced watch more upgrade like the tradition that is series of SamSung intelligence watch edition. It will have 3 kinds of different version to be able to offer an alternative, one kind is LTE version, one kind is blue tooth version, still one is plant is Andema (the model of Under Armour) brand, this model will deploy an exclusive watchband, accessary the MapMyRun subscription of 6 months serves. Say according to SamMobile, these 3 mobile phones will have 40mm and 44mm two kinds of dimension can offer an alternative, will run SamSung One UI 1.5.

Say according to Wareable, release together with Galaxy Note 10 on an activity that Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be in new York at next month. SamSung has been in mobile arrangement on August 7.

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