Does = of IBM+ red cap mix cloud overlord? Outside intermediary: Still have space of very great progress

IBM is at the beginning of this month finish red cap to buy case, become history on the biggest buy one of cases, two companies believe, want make concerted effort only, they will become the leader of mixture cloud market. However, outside intermediary ” Venture Beat ” point out, these two companies’ major run closes is not to come from Yu Yunduan business, however business of traditional base equipment, still need to add effort to just can catch other company more.

The business of high in the clouds of IBM grew 5% , it is the expression with this company best all through the ages really, but with Microsoft growing rate compares the professional work of high in the clouds of 41% and look not quite. And in red cap alone money of the last time signs up for in, 24% what development of process of this company application and technical subscription battalion closed to occupy total battalion to close only, and the battalion related to high in the clouds closes is among them one fraction only more. This also is showing, although IBM bought red hat, still need to expend very great idea gift to overtake the other company development in business of high in the clouds.

Among them a successful element depends on what whether can two companies win developer loving. ” Venture Beat ” point out, when the enterprise decides use high in the clouds serves, developer is the person of next decisions normally.

The enterprise is in the world with preferential high in the clouds now, concise reaching is the most important characteristic quickly. But IBM is the famousest is complex and giant platform. This company holds maintaining the commercial pattern that attachs most importance to with the service, among them the biggest run harvests source is ministry of facilities of service of global information science and technology, include fundamental framework, high in the clouds the service is subject among them, recently one season earned the battalion of 6.84 billion dollar to close for this company.

Basis ” Venture Beat ” , the OpenShift of container application platform that builds by red cap place can be used at a variety of different high in the clouds among the service, suffer developer to love fully, but want to use OpenShift, the system of enterprise edition Linux that must use red cap (RHEL) , ability uses among them Kubernetes function. This makes the exercise system of OpenShift and red cap is bound together, reduced use freedom to spend.

If IBM wants to protect battalion to close, among them the Linux exercise system that a means must force the user of OpenShift to use red cap namely.

” Venture Beat ” point out, the service means of IBM is not accorded with now the requirement of developer, although two companies try to want to roll out the commodity of OK and perpendicular conformity, but this changes the choice that brings about developer little, to current condition character is not applicable.

Additional, this locality business that 451 research firm discovers IBM (On-premise) was occupied now 40% , but arrived 2021 will remnant 19% . In the meantime, the job in high in the clouds and Hosted environment is laden will by nowadays 36% grow for 57% . The development of this pair of two companies future will be very big fluctuant, if they want to succeed, must want to gain the support of developer.

But the environment with developer concise need and more option, wait for the rate that public Yun Shouhuan receives like AWS, Azure and GCP, the demand that showing developer just is the most important, if IBM is wanting to want to let developer cooperate only, in the end can harm him to finish high in the clouds to wish only the possibility of scene. (Proofread / Jurnan)


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