Does lucky Sa electron roll out supportive EtherCAT for industrial application? Group of product of RX72M small controller

Have the highest function in RX series and the largest memory capacity, realize control and communication function with odd chip

On June 6, 2019, japanese Tokyo dispatch – the semiconductor solution supplier with banner whole world company limited of lucky Sa electron (TSE: 6723) announces to roll out RX small controller now (group of product of MCU) series RX72M, the EtherCAT® that the buy inside the product uses at industrial aether net to correspond from station controller. Lucky Sa RX is familial medium this one brand-new the industrial equipment that flagship product group is function of need control and communication, be like compact model industrial robot, but controller of process designing logic, long-range I/O and industrial gateway bring the solution of high-powered, odd chip that has old memory capacity.

Does lucky Sa electron roll out supportive EtherCAT for industrial application? Group of product of RX72M small controller

EtherCAT is growing quickly in the application in industrial aether net, use special MCU, IC more at present, and the chip of high-end system level that faces EtherCAT communication (the parts of an apparatus such as SoC) . Brand-new performance of RX72M product group is superior, in 240MHz advocate when frequency moves, EEMBC® is fiducial the CoreMark grading below is as high as 1396(to note 1); to be able to realize applied processing and EtherCAT communication at the same time. This product group dominates electric machinery MCU and piece on EtherCAT is united in wedlock from station function photograph, make personnel of industrial application development can reduce cost of stock detailed account (the miniaturization demand that BOM) supports industrial equipment to design place to need.

Fu Tianming of vice president of department of career of automation of industry of lucky Sa electron expresses, “ circuit board miniaturization is right circuit board board the restriction that carries a space is increasingly severe exacting, already became a crucial problem that industrial robot stylist faces, and RX72M product group brought revolutionary solution for this one challenge. Regard the whole world as provider of banner MCU supplier and industrial network solution, lucky Sa is very glad to roll out RX72M product, those who share us to abound is embedded design professional knowledge. Compare with inchoate product photograph, this are new product general circuit board the area decreases about 50% , keep high-powered at the same time support with what correspond to EtherCAT, pave the way that devises with respect to simple and agile industry equipment for the client. ”

RX72M product group is first include EtherCAT the RX series MCU from station controller, the highest SRAM capacity ——1 MB SRAM in having RX series and 4 MB shine put. High capacity SRAM allows MCU to move in the high speed below the case that does not use exterior memory many among system, be like server of TCP / IP, webpage and file system. The function that it has not come to for support is patulous brought flexibility, be like need not extra memory can support OPC unitized construction (OPC UA, register 2) level. Piece on shine put what still can serve as two 2MB to shine put independence to move, when making if in Shan Cunzhong executes an order,terminal unit can stabilize moving; thereby, can undertake in another Shan Cunzhong tiring-room rescripts at the same time.

The key of RX72M product group is characteristic:

First compositive EtherCAT in ·RX series MCU the product from station controller

What 1396 CoreMark grading is as high as when net of aether of · supportable industry corresponds to move in 240MHz is high-powered, first compositive embedded double precision floating-point is unit (the RX series MCU of FPU)

· high speed shines put a system, support is as high as 120 MHz rate, creation is high-powered the moving environment with low changeability

· special trigonometric function (Sin, Cos, Arctan and Hypot) accelerator and register group save a function, —— of control of electric machinery of implementation high accuracy has as same as MCU of control of electric machinery of lucky Sa RX72T function namely

· adds close mechanism reliably, if be used at protecting the hardware of close key to add close module and —— of memory protection function to be able to prevent,apply order system to be duplicated below the circumstance without accredit, support the identity test and verify of pair of true equipment

· encloses a choice neatly, include the 176 LQFP that cite a base are enclosed and the 176 BGA that cite a base are enclosed, and first 224 BGA citing a base in RX series MCU are enclosed, can suffer bounds design to save extra space for dimension

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