Connector of Molex MultiCat power source is added newly 8 circuit and of 20 circuit in power version

New version added versatility further for system of connector of fantabulous power source

Singapore–On June 26, 2019–Molex introduced for system of connector of MultiCat power source the 8 circuit that deserve to nicety machines contact and of 20 circuit in power version. This system has outstanding wear, OK and fast conjugate, through connector fixed position component ensures appropriate join effect, apply effectively at numerous industry category thereby. After using system of this one connector, client aux will be able to uses reliable connector inside less space quite, hold cost at the same time in lowermost rate.

Connector of Molex MultiCat power source is added newly 8 circuit and of 20 circuit in power version

Does this one new-style connector system offer lightweight and is compact string right to line or line board does an UL1977 finger check configuration; does;-40 go to the electrical outlet of attestation + 150? The carries housing; on the back to be able to be inspected without polarity interface connector fixed position of two type affirms the working temperature; of C function, can naked eye examines connector whether correct already clench the teeth, in addition still offerred two kinds of key to control option. The version of power still has inferior osculatory resistance in, and provided solid contact.

Michael Gonzalez of manager of product of Molex whole world expresses: We are in “ hard to create value for the client all the time. For the client that uses product of coefficient of use lightweight, small figure to circulate high temperature, high to those need, this one product brought more possibility. ”

MultiCat high power and in power connector system provides component of connector fixed position and the closedown function that can activation with the hand, facilitate insert unplug operation. Such, the contest that attends with the market tastes photograph comparing, the time that can shrink to be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers matchs and be safeguarded.

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