China obtains ITU to be awaited about 5G those who choose technical plan is formal affirm receive letter

According to C114 communication network reports, yesterday (17) day, ITU-R WP5D#32 conference ends in Wu Si of Brazilian cloth aid. Bencihui discussed our country to finish IMT-2020(5G) to await those who choose technical plan is complete refer, obtained ITU to be awaited about 5G receive formally what choose technical plan confirm letter.

As we have learned, technology of 5G wireless eat dishes without rice or wine (RIT) plan is based on 3GPP new eat dishes without rice or wine (NR) and net of tape content couplet (NB-IoT) technology. Among them, NR key is contented increase model mobile broadband (EMBB) , low Shi Yangao is reliable (URLLC) the technical demand of two setting, NB-IoT satisfies large-scale machine to join (the technical demand of MMTC) setting.


International Telecommunication Union (a ITU) is U.N. important and special orgnaization, also be an international organization with the longest history in U.N. orgnaization. International report couplet is the U.N. orgnaization that is in charge of work of information communication technology, responsible allocation and manage global radio spectrum and satellitic orbit resource, make global report beacon allow, provide telegraphic support to the developing country, telecommunication of stimulative whole world develops.

China joined electric couplet 1920, sent a delegate to attend the full-fledged member plenary meeting that holds in Madrid first 1932, signed Madrid ” international telecommunication convention ” . Delegacy of this conference China basically corresponds by Chinese information academy, China for, the unit such as UniCom of telecommunication of shift of division of letter of resurgence, China, China, China, China is formed. (Proofread / Jurnan)

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