China enhance each other of chip of terminal of 5G of technical much firm to operate a test to take the lead in realizing 5G

On July 15, IMT-2020(5G) is advanced group (5G is advanced group) release a message to say, recently, china the each other of much manufacturer 5G that business is based on to use chip in experimenting to take the lead in realizing Chinese 5G to enhance technical research and development operates a test, more than about a hundred measure try out exemple to be advanced through IMT-2020(5G) entirely group check and accept, business of the 5G that help strength is used add archives to quicken.

As we have learned, test of operation of 5G each other includes indoor and basic function / function test and outfield function test two parts, mix in 2.6GHz respectively the independent group net of 3.5GHz (SA) and net of blame independence group (two kinds of frameworks issue NSA) , channel of basic to the physical layer of terminal chip function, physics, link suits oneself reach attemper, high-level agreement is technology of basic function, much antenna, much the village is multi-purpose the 5G key technology such as a function undertakes sufficient test and verify.


Advance the information of the group according to 5G, recently China for 5G system and couplet hair division HelioM70 is based on F40 version to finish each other to operate a test, the test is based on " fascicule of —eMBB of method of test of terminal unit of low frequency of test and verify of system of test of 5G technology research and development " and " function of outfield of terminal unit of low frequency of test and verify of system of test of 5G technology research and development checks a method " in the requirement that each other operation tests, advance through IMT-2020(5G) group check and accept.

So far, china the system that it is 5G (include new eat dishes without rice or wine of 5G core net, 5G base station) the 5G that already supported NSA/SA first times with the whole world early or late is much modular chip solution China for Balong5000, and operation of the HelioM70 each other that finish checks couplet hair section, take the lead in realizing 5G business to be connected with the interconnection each other of network and terminal chip, it is mature to indicating 5G industry catenary is farther. Besides, china the system that it is 5G operates a test with each other of more terminal chip manufacturer also afoot, hand in hand it is mature that industrial associate promotes an industry jointly.

Be in early this year in March, the Chinese 5G that 5G presses group of organizations enhances technical research and development in the experiment, china had taken the lead in coming true to operate a test with the each other of much system for Balong5000 chip.

Public data shows: China restrain 4 billion dollar to go 10 years to be thrown always on 5G research and development, research and development of 5G network side throws more than 10 thousand people, it is the company that industry can provide 5G exclusively to carry upright product and solution. Organize statistic according to newest European standard, china to own patent of core of 2570 multinomial 5G, the whole world is occupied than exceeding 20% , the whole world the first.

June 2019 of Chinese 5G license plate extend, indicate business uses a 5G begin, declare China make one’s bow 5G business uses the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor. Meanwhile, global 5G entered dimensions deploy phase 2019. Up to now, china use a contract to already got 50 5G business, deliver goods more than 150 thousand site.

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