Brim intelligence is passed feeling can come true more own robot of intelligence

In my Bo Wenzhong, I discussed heart state apparatus (TI) millimeter wave (how does MmWave) sensor provide brim intelligence for the mechanical arm in the factory. Now, I think how technology of discussion millimeter wave is own robot to provide brim intelligence, make sensor can make real time decision-making, with slow down or stop a robot, the abidance in ensuring its apply in industrial robot function.

In the system that sensor of TI millimeter wave can use at aiming to help industrial robot avoid to collide, solve the crucial problem that interacts in coordination with the robot of the mankind and other object interaction. If the brim needs additional machine study processing, millimeter wave sensor but with industrial level processor (like Sitara™ processor) without seam cooperation, in order to provide additional intelligence.

Like can using millimeter wave to undertake panoramic monitoring and fraise are explored surrounding with respect to advanced like the car driver support system, millimeter wave sensor conduces to solve guide automatically make a car (if content sheds robot, means of delivery, forklift and hydraulic pressure car) similar challenge, if pursue,1 is shown.

Brim intelligence is passed feeling can come true more own robot of intelligence

Graph 1: All sorts of guide automatically make a car

3D nods the cloud to explore

The millimeter wave sensor that has 3 emitter and configuration of 4 receiver antenna can be in azimuthal explore with the 3D object that angle information uses to realize the biggest 30 M on plane of angle of elevation, so that explore an object from altitude. This to forklift such car is extremely useful, because its sensor is located in higher from the ground position. Individual sensor can explore an object inside 120 degrees of ken, thereby utmost ground decreases surround the sensor amount that place of the system that monitor requires.

High resolution, accurate explore

Because millimeter wave sensor leaves the job in 4 GHz bandwidth, because this can distinguish the alone object of removed 4 Cm, be in the likelihood is operated inside the country by the area of inky, dirt or keep out of physical protective screen. Capability of this kind of high resolution is necessary, so that well and truly computation mixes sensor,identify object or personnel, spark in real time appropriate action, stop a robot before collision for instance.

Be measured except feeling of real time object and avoid outside touching, millimeter wave sensor still provides additional function, in order to make intelligent industry robot becomes a possibility.

The ground fast explore with the brim

Technology of TI millimeter wave straps frequency to move through much general offer inferior millimeter class precision and high resolution, fast feeling measures the land with accurate implementation, make sensor system can be calculated the region rate of car explores ground brim, for example the wheel assembles and unassemble sliply possibly balcony, in order to prevent not recoverable situation.

Transparency body is explored

Sensor of TI millimeter wave can explore transparency system, if glass is mixed plastic and dark content, this may be right certain light base the technology is challenged somewhat. Raise exploration precision to conduce to avoid to wait for potential contingency with vitreous protective screen or object collision.

Accord with SIL-2 standard

The sensor of 60 GHz millimeter wave of TI can help a system satisfy grade of IEC safe integrality (SIL)-2 standard, so that be in interactive close when have incident government. When designing SIL-2 attestation system, the engineer can use sensor of TI millimeter wave to offer a likelihood to need a system to carry out system of additional and safe processor or redundant sensor system to obtain the function of attestation thereby directly.

The sensor of TI millimeter wave in own robot

Regard digital signal as the one part of processor, sensor of compositive millimeter wave radar has TI height to get together advancedly kind and dog algorithmic, intelligent autonomy can be provided in the brim. The graph is shown 2 times to contain the chip of TI millimeter wave of compositive processing.

Brim intelligence is passed feeling can come true more own robot of intelligence

Graph 2: More typical front sensor solution and the sensor of compositive TI millimeter wave that can realize brim intelligence.

Because sensor of TI millimeter wave does not suffer an environment (rain, dirt, aerosol) the influence with illume condition, and can pass plastic wait for material perception, accordingly they need not exterior lens, aperture or sensor surface can explore the object in robot method effectively.

More brim intelligence

Deepness study is a subclass of machine study, in industrial domain more and more welcome. TI provides hardware and software support, help design personnel is incorporate robot technology inside all sorts of application bring deepness study deduction.

Take the application with data processing insufficient capacity oneself to producing intelligent sensor, the machine visual sense that provides the set of Sitara Am57x processor that is as high as kernel of 1.5 GHz high-powered Arm®Cortex®-A15 and processor of double nucleus C66x to be able to run deepness study inference and convention is algorithmic, can solve forecast a gender to uphold the machine study requirement that waits for application with odd service life, perhaps be based on the sensor input that exceeds existing function to make decision-making. Sitara AM57x processor corresponds for industry (EtherCAT, Profinet, time is sensitive net of network, Profibus, aether / Internet agreement) provide special hardware, can use as the central processing of robot controller is unit.

Anyhow, pass with the compositive millimeter wave that explores at dovish object feeling solution and the Sitara processor that are used at enhancing machine study, the area scanner that is mechanical arm or own robot avoid bump offerred intelligent solution. Consult our resource begins to develop please.

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