Blue tooth Mesh enlightens the future of intelligent floor space

The issuance of network of blue tooth Mesh is in for interconnection illume the key application in floor space automation laid a foundation, this can be attributed to “ illume namely the add advantage that platform ” mode brings.

In real intelligent building world, the function of lamps and lanterns is far more than illume. The lighting system that this kind of building provides can regard a small-sized computer as distributed network manage of all kinds and other applying, establish service of real intelligent floor space thereby. Sex of each other operation, fundamental equipment operation pattern and appreciation function are the crucial factor that realizes intelligent floor space. Illume and positional service company are supporting in collaboration offer through deploy lighting system search road, asset to track, solution of ground bid information and space use the additional service such as the service.

Two case of the near future say how palpability uses “ illume namely platform ” will raise illume infrastructure to invest return rate to the greastest extent, the person that use for Lou Yu and caller provide distinctive service and experience.

Blue tooth Beacon and art

Amsterdam Buddhist tall museum used module of blue tooth LED to replace system of original lighting system recently. Now, museum can pass blue tooth switch control illume. This one deploy does not imagine like everybody medium so difficult, need two employee to work to be able to change night only 100 lamps and lanterns, because this won’t be right,the operation of museum morrow causes any effects.

This museum still installed blue tooth to sensor is used at monitoring and transmit the data such as lux, brightness, temperature and humidity, save for what precious Tibet tastes inside museum provide crucial optimal and indoor environment, decrease safeguard or overhead expenses. Lamps and lanterns, sensor and gateway can serve as Beacon, make museum can provide the service that find a way for caller, the museum application course that attends to their mobile phone according to the position of caller and the artwork that admiring sends ground mark message (PoI) .

It is a target in order to consider object check

When undertaking transforming to the shop, dajite replaced traditional dome light with LED lamp, and Beacon of will blue tooth is installed serve in order to offer positional navigation in lamps and lanterns, help client passes Dajite APP finds course and commodity easily inside inn. One of systems of the largest indoor illume place will be made after this project is finished.

According to the statistic of Proximity Directory, there is 75% in 20 big shopkeeper of American already deploy the position serves, and will grow considerably according to forecasting this one trend to be returned 5 years in future. Basis ” blue tooth market is newest information 2019 ” forecast, to 2023, blue tooth position serves year of shipment volume of equipment to will achieve 431 million.

In addition, brand-new blue tooth is searched released in January 2019 to the function. This function can help blue tooth equipment identify the transmit way that comes from equipment of another blue tooth, get equipment way quickly, the blue tooth that helps development unscramble equipment direction then is close to kind of solution, implement the system of blue tooth location of centimeter of class position precision. The blue tooth of high accuracy seeks the status that application serves at all positions and can consolidate to the function blue tooth regards first selection intelligence as floor space agreement further.

Come for years, blue tooth technology is reliable all the time, safe whole world is wireless join standard. Nowadays, what serve by right of the ability of network of large-scale intelligence illume and blue tooth position is ceaseless upgrade, lighting system can support services of a series of construction rise in value as wireless platform. In fact, predict 2021, the of 40% interconnection terminal name a person for a particular job in commercial floor space is based on intelligent illume.

Nowadays, as field establishment uses LED, like blue tooth Mesh such technology also begins to be used at founding interconnection illume platform, the effect of ” of system of “ central nervous has in Lou Yu. Besides offer advanced illume control, these systems still can build a platform, help implementation searchs road, asset to dog, ground bid information and space are used wait for more powerful Lou Yu to serve, raise the investment return rate of new illume infrastructure significantly thereby.

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