Antagonism memory cheapens Li Shimei of SamSung SK sea cuts down spending of 28% memory capital solely

Market of the closest memory (shine put same also) appeared a variety of complex elements, besides global commerce besides element of this big environment, still memory cheapens ceaselessly, the problem such as dispute of material of day Han semiconductor, anticipate Q3 quarter memory still can continue to drop originally the price of 15% , but memory spot price appeared last week 10 months will rise first.


SamSung, SK Hailishi, magnesium light 3 companies monopoly the memory of 95% produces the whole world can, memory cheapens the outstanding achievement that has allowed these 3 companies glides considerably, profit of the quarter on SamSung predicts to steep fall 50% above, they are apparent won’t price of memory of sit by and watch continues to drop, had begun from produce can go up adjust the market is supplied.

According to the report of ICInsights, the capital spending on DRAM market will decrease considerably 2019, annual predicts capital spending 17 billion dollar, fall than 2018 panel height is amounted to 28% , spending of memory market capital was as high as 24 billion dollar last year, went up greatly than the 16 billion dollar 2017 50% .

Memory capital spending is the manufacturer is used at buying data of manufacturing facilities, production to wait to maintain produce the investment that can require, cut down capital spending to mean produce can meet drop, the memory that brings about the market to go up is supplied can decrease.

Only at present beautiful optical company has been announced produce specificly can cut a plan, among them memory cuts reduction in production can 5% , NAND shines put cut down from what plan originally 5% expand to 10% , samSung, SK two Korea company had not announced Hailishi to be produced clearly can reduce investment, the SamSung before this still is being denied cut down NAND to shine put produce can.

Go to the price situation, ICInsights predicts element of global commerce uncertainty still exists this year, so memory price second half of the year still is met fatigued and weak, but because each are big,capital spending cut the firm considerably 2019, be helpful for the market digesting inventory, DRAM memory supply and demand can be balanced 2020.

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