Alliance of E sth resembling a net supplies sensor of many flight time to use requirement in order to satisfy industry


Global electron yuan parts of an apparatus and development service cent sell alliance of business E sth resembling a net to announce to roll out a series of flight time (ToF) sensor, the demand that changes in order to satisfy design engineer ceaselessly and all sorts of new-style the requirement that uses pair of three-dimensional information and a range of bigger range finding. ToF parts of an apparatus is supportable the application such as automation of technology of gesticulation induction, range finding, robot, industry, flow control, can use at compose to propose a variety of practical solutions, for example: The object that carries on monitoring workshop conveyer belt is located in pull current Cheng link.

The ToF parts of an apparatus that alliance of E sth resembling a net adds newly all comes from the whole world banner supplier. To satisfy the applied requirement of net of couplet of industrial other people, these ToF sensor promoted range finding property further, suffer the effect of target object color and surface no longer, and utmost ground realized the applied potential in condition of indoor outer shroud, can satisfy of all kinds applying the requirement of character of high to sensor rate, small size, low power comsumption.

The ToF that alliance of E sth resembling a net offers passes feeling product to include:

ISL29501 ToF IC of lucky Sa electron, alliance of E sth resembling a net is brand-new a product that introduce, exploration distance is as high as 2 meters, can offer solution of economy efficient range finding. ISL29501 is product of IC of processing of signal of time of an innovation flight, the emitter outside can be united in wedlock (LED or laser) reach photoelectricity diode to use, form whole goal to content is explored and be apart from measure a solution. This product is had exceed the unique character such as small size, low power comsumption and outstanding performance, perfect apply to equipment of join of content couplet net, and automation of consumptive shift device, family and burgeoning business apply with unmanned aircraft.

Kit of VL53L1X ToF Nucleo of meaning law semiconductor, can offer a complete assessment to cover, let anybody can use VL53L1X ToF sensor study, evaluate and develop application. VL53L1X ToF is to be based on FlightSense of meaning law semiconductor™Patent technology and the newest product that roll out, be measure on market fast the fastest miniature ToF sensor, can measure accurately inside 4 meters of limits, frequency of fast range finding is as high as 50Hz. VL53L1X this development technology no matter target content reflectivity how can accurate measure an absolutely interval. It is not through measuring the reflex quantity of target object to come estimation is apart from, reflex the time going there and back that comes back to use next to the closest object from sensor illuminate through measuring the light accurately however, will measure both the distance between.

Rich is connected new the AFBR-S50MV85G that roll out is evaluated set, include NXP FRDM-KL46Z to evaluate board, AFBR-S50MV85G adapter board, among them adapter board can be sensor and small controller board between offer use namely model join, need not solder. AFBR-S50MV85G sensor suits room inside and outside to apply, and classics limits of the range finding after optimizing is as high as 10 meters. The industry that this product is the character such as extremely rate of demand high speed, small size, low power comsumption only passes feeling and gesticulation to the induction applies and be developed, include technology of man-machine interface, robot to reach among them enhance reality to wait.

Semiconductor of alliance of E sth resembling a net and Lee Turner of chief inspector of veneer computer whole world express: Alliance of “e sth resembling a net and meaning law semiconductor and rich are connected between maintaining good supplier partner relationship all the time, there is lucky Sa electron again nowadays join in, get newest ToF to passed feeling product and technology to open access for our client further. In the meantime, our technical support group is offerred every week 5 days, everyday support of 24 hours serves. No matter how design or applied requirement are complex, they will do their utmost to help design engineer find the most applicable parts of an apparatus to be used at application development.


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