The IHSR-1616AB-01 of Vishay has the honor to win nomination of award of industry of 2019 year electron

Business of tall saturation of power source of heterogeneous of resistor of small direct current, high current density uses inductor

Bin Xi Faniya, MALVERN—On May 28, 2019 — a few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc. (Code name of NYSE stock market: VSH) announces, business of its IHSR-1616AB-01 tall saturation is had the honor to win with inductor year of “ of electronic industry award is optimal 2019 product ” nominates.

The IHSR-1616AB-01 of Vishay has the honor to win nomination of award of industry of 2019 year electron

Electronic industry award is sponsorred by Datateam Business Media of CIE magazine press, aim to commend crackajack individual, product and commerce practice electronic trade. Every kinds of award set 5 nomination, through the industry professional polls and expert evaluation group hits cent to judge the person that single out a bear the palm. The IHSR-1616AB-01 dc resistor of Vishay (DCR) reduces 50 % than general power inductor, allow of dc block standard differs 5 % , difference of allow of lowermost 3 % can be used at more accurate electric current sampling.

IHSR-1616AB-01 uses over all dimension of 4 Mm X 4 Mm 1616 ultrathin enclose, height is 1.2 Mm only, typical dc resistance is low to 1.15 MW, inductance is worth most greatly 0.068 µH, higher current density is had in congener technology. Accordingly, parts of an apparatus is usable will replace the single track with larger volume to encircle ferrite inductor, in order to save a space, design the finished product with flimsier structure, raise the computer, industry and communication application heterogeneous the temperature stability of big electricity power supply and filter.

IHSR-1616AB-01 frequency limits is as high as 5 MHz, suit to be used at DC/DC converter energy to store particularly, and inductor from syntonic frequency (SRF)(418 MHz comes 856 MHz) is the following wave of filter of big electric current. Inductor job temperature is highest amount to + 125 °C, 62 A of rated electric current, can change without saturated processing high very short time voltaic aiguille.

2019 bear the palm of electronic industry award person announce the prize-giving ceremonially that held in London tower hotel on Friday on June 21.

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