Meaning law semiconductor releases STM32G4 small controller, the property that carries application of power source of number of generation of relative superiority or inferiority, can effect and security

Accelerator of · new maths raises operation rate, save electric energy

Peripheral of · advanced imitate permits equipment compositive more sensor and user function

The protective function with stronger · , promote data security

Beijing, on May 29, 2019–Product of electron of new generation intelligence presents an a few new application trends: Increase more sensor drive functions for example, use carborundum, nitrogen to change gallium to wait can the power technology with higher effect will save electric energy to wait. Be aimed at these trends, over or across is multiple the semiconductor supplier with the banner whole world of electronic application domain meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: STM) rolled out generation small controller.

Meaning law semiconductor releases STM32G4 small controller, the property that carries application of power source of number of generation of relative superiority or inferiority, can effect and security

Be aimed at application of advanced digital power source and consumptive electron and industrial equipment, small controller of STM32G4* new series introduces two new hardware maths accelerator to raise processing rate of application, use all sorts of technologies such as Cordic algorithm and filter wave function to promote function and can effect. Mathematical accelerator is used technically at accelerating computational rate, for example, the energy-saving electric machinery of home appliance or air conditioning controls the trigonometry method consideration in algorithm, and the filter wave in signature humorous or algorithm of digital report source control is algorithmic, operation speed is compared general advocate processor is faster, efficiency is taller. In addition, this kind decreases negative method to still can let a kernel release more resource, use at receiving more passing feeling data and function of control other user.

STM32G4 still has other new function, for example, the buy inside timer of changeover of high resolution power source all sorts of functions, can release CPU resource and simplify the property that develops peripheral of process; imitate and converter promotes; high speed to join the technology makes external event answers speed significantly the interface of Power Delivery USB-C with faster; newest support, 100W of power of the biggest output, can be equipment fast or charge conveniently.

Ricardo De-Sa-Earp of general manager of department of career of small controller of meaning law semiconductor expresses: “ uses the innovation technology of STM32G4 series, electron of most advanced consumption and industrial equipment can use fewer resource, do more businesses. When the STM32F3 series of interface of compositive and rich buildup peripheral and kernel of occupation standard Arm® is released, going up in small controller market already was unprecedented. Nowadays, the gene of STM32F3 of our newest continuance of small controller STM32G4, expanded to use range further, can simplify design, reduce power comsumption, improve performance at the same time. ”

Have rapidder computational rate, taller precision, taller function is compositive degree, facilities of STM32G4 MCU support improves a function gender and can effect, target application includes factory of intelligent life, intelligence and intelligent the sources of energy, for example, automation of space of control of power source of the electric vehicle such as dynamoelectric bicycle, number, advanced electric machinery, illume, floor.

In addition, the safe memory area that can expand is used at depositing the sensitive information; such as close key to protect firmware safety to upgrade in real time the visit is debugged to ban after; process designing can reduce mechanism of safety of other of; of minatory hidden trouble to include the most advanced AES-256 to add ID of close engine, only facility with the function. These safe functions make develop personnel to be able to answer newest network safety to challenge.

The 152 products branch that meaning law semiconductor plans this series is 3 big product line, already had many 100 product at present making work: Include the 32 introductory class product line that draw a foot to enclose, high-powered product line, and amount to 107 fast inputs / the high resolution product line that output draws a foot. STM32G431K6U6 uses the 32 QFN32 that cite a base to enclose, piece on Shan Cunrong measures 32KB.

More technology information:

MCU framework

What STM32G4 series is based on ST to have is high-powered with technology of high-energy effect innovation, for example, ART Accelerator™ and CCM-SRAM Routine Booster promoted memory respectively – the trends of high speed cache and static state are visited put performance, ensure applied whole function and beautiful of all of real time function, at the same time power comsumption is in can inside effect budget limits.

The accelerator of new hardware maths of ST promotes the operation of chip property again, introduce special engine of accelerator of algorithm of wave of Filter-Math Accelerator(FMAC) filter and CORDIC. New hardware accelerator can accelerate the operation rate of a few algorithm, for example, the whirl in application of electric machinery control and vector are trigonometric, and algorithm of wave of filter of IIR / FIR of general logarithm, hyperbola and exponential function, signature manage or controller of 3p / 3z of digital power source, and roll accumulate and the vector function such as function. STM32G4 series is based on the kernel of Arm®Cortex®-M4 high speed of a 170MHz, have floating-point unit and DSP to expand instruction collect supports a function, function checks the exceedingly good result that obtains 213DMIPS and 550 CoreMark®[0] .

From advanced engineering technology and systematic framework function, to advanced peripheral Morpheus / wake up administrative function, nowhere is not in energy-saving innovation technology. The new function with main other includes:

· timer of a high resolution, have 12 independent channels, every passageway resolution is 184ps, wen Piao and voltage drift compensate a function oneself

· amounts to peripheral of 25 advanced imitate:

· amounts to 5 4 million times / second 12 modulus converter (ADC) , hardware crosses sampling function, can implement 16 resolution

· amounts to amplifier of operation of bandwidth of 6 high speed, tall gain, in-house 1% gain set

· amounts to 7 15 million times / second converter of 12 digit model (DAC)

· amounts to 7 comparator, transmission defer is 16.7ns

Technology of ·CAN-FD industry communication, effective load bit leads 8 times be standard CAN

Power comsumption of · operation pattern under 165μA/ MHz, extend time of batteries add boat

· size is larger piece go up RAM, be as high as 128KB, have function of odd even desired result

· Shan Cunrong quantity is as high as 512KB, have function of wrong desired result (ECC)

· increases DMA and exterior discontinuous agile changeability

· is optimize number or imitate function, cent is 3 big range of products: Basic set, enhance series and high resolution series

Accordingly, new G4 series perfected existing STM32F3 series. The function of G4 is 3 times of F3, top job temperature achieves 125°C, double area memory supports real time firmware to upgrade, increase LQFP80 and LQFP128 to wait new enclose. STM32G4 dovish sex is very strong, fight electric interference, especially pulse of swift transient state (FTB) is able to bear or endure get ability highest reach 5 level, this means G4 to be able to be able to bear or endure actually the very short time that gets the 4kV above that appears on equipment changes voltage (IEC 61000-4-4) .

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