Meaning law semiconductor joins alliance of global car couplet

As the main supplier of smartphone and car electron, meaning law semiconductor was offerred for the main market of these two across more advantage and safer technical support.

China, —— over or across is multiple on May 30, 2019 the semiconductor supplier with the banner whole world of electronic application domain meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: STM) announces to join alliance of global car couplet (CCC) . Alliance of global car couplet is one crosses industrial organization, devote oneself to to drive apply to a smartphone to join to the car the development of the global technology of the solution.

“ smartphone was busy duty field personage and consumer to improve efficiency, brought advantage. No matter be to serve as sound to control purse of individual assistant, individual, still be navigation implement, the smartphone is the is based on identity test and verify equipment that safety facilitates naturally again, can be a car advocate open door, adjust a seat, move the stage, setting that has individuation to car for the radio, in order to increase intimacy, get used to individual preference, semiconductor of ” meaning law standardizes say of Joel Huloux of inspector general of small controller and department of product of digital integrated circuit. “ serves as the banner supplier that gets smartphone and company of automobile industry center trust for a long time, alliance of couplet of car of self-identity of meaning law semiconductor devotes oneself to to let join and drive become likely and convenient mission, joined this alliance, in order to share we and the professional technical ability that get from other company. ”

Meaning law semiconductor offers all sorts of applying to car join, conduce to the technology that implements mission of car couplet alliance, include ST25 NFC to read card implement, processor of processor of recreation of information of ST33 safe component, STA12 Accordo, STA13 Telemaco car, and Stellar car gateway / region small controller.

Current, the NFC technology that meaning law semiconductor already made constant growth (the key of digitlization) the top class manufacturer in the market, also be the banner manufacturer that regards blue tooth and Wi-Fi conjugate channel as to use NFC technology at the same time. In addition, meaning law semiconductor still offers a series of technologies to solve those who include identity test and verify and eyewinker to detect inside is wireless charge problem. Semiconductor of law of meaning of this technology have the aid of in ESIM send an advantage first, conduce to the safety that ensures the car applies. Information recreation is the another fractionize market that meaning law semiconductor is sending force gradually, offer all sorts of solutions, include among them with smartphone conjugate or the solution that in coping system map they show, serve through offerring music of safe speech pilot Internet and online navigation, can promote the experience of the user. In addition, still can carry all sorts of sensor (the ToF of lidar, accelerometer and gyroscope, exact location, image and radar sensor) collect data automatically, undertake pretreatment, reduce network bandwidth from 2GB / Km make an appointment with 10KB / Km.

Finally, meaning law semiconductor still offers all sorts of applying to the car microprocessor that car of whole set of control, induction and drive uses and other car product.

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