Meaning law semiconductor holds first industry peak to meet in Shenzhen

· with “ new industry, new wisdom build ” to give priority to a problem, 3 three-year institution of higher learning inscribed control of anxious electric machinery of industrial peak assemble, electric power and the sources of energy, automation 2019

·ST and partner will exhibit 100 many plan and product, hold meeting of technology of near 40 deepness

Chinese Shenzhen, on May 28, 2019—-Over or across is multiple the semiconductor supplier with the banner whole world of electronic application domain meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of abbreviation ST; new York: STM) general holds peak of first ST industry to meet in hotel of Yue of Chinese Shenzhen gentleman.

Industrial market dimensions is giant however high fragment is changed. Suffer the industry distinguished gathering that fix eyes upon and technology to exhibit as equipment meeting, 2019 peaks meet meaning law semiconductor will gather together main bibcock enterprise, medium and small businesses, partner and guild, control of exploration electric machinery, electric power and the sources of energy and automation 3 big fields, promote development of depth of face of innovation of production technology intelligence.

Electric machinery control

It is important that electric machinery moves the play in the industrial equipment such as home appliance of tool, intelligence, unmanned aircraft to wear in robot, machine tool, report action.

Meaning law semiconductor will exhibit control of a position demonstrates board. This plan includes driver of two advanced STSPIN32F0 BLDC electric machinery and MOSFET of power of a STD140N6F7. The buy inside electric machinery driver small controller of a STM32 (MCU) . Two electric machinery are OK and accurate ground synchronism runs, carry out accurate positional control, two electric machinery still can undertake different speed and acceleration run, won’t produce collision problem.

Item on display of intelligent household electrical appliance includes low pressure of converter of a compositive AC-DC, LDO(to fall manostat) , the whole of freezer of ST frequency conversion of driver of small controller, IGBT and service of software of form a complete set solution.

The solution of control of intelligent electric machinery that other exhibits includes a pace to enter electric machinery driver, use the controller of low pressure of tall compositive the dynamoelectric tool of controller of spent STSPIN32F0 electric machinery, electric tricycle and electric machinery of high power BLDC, vacuum cleaner that is based on STSPIN32F0 and STM32, use newest STSPIN820 electric machinery to control IC.

Electric power and the sources of energy

The peak can return industry to adjust discussion electric machinery the influence of electric power and the sources of energy. Today, installation amount of global industry electric machinery achieves 300 million, and maintain the amplitude of about 10% every year. Electric machinery is occupied with n always use n nearly 30% , accordingly, the necessity that reduces electric machinery power comsumption becomes more and more important.

Can go up in the industrial summit that is about to hold, meaning law semiconductor will be rolled out industrial the 2nd acting carborundum (SiC)650V / 1200V MOSFET. The buy inside this product is embedded body diode, although be below high temperature condition, switch loss and power also can carry extremely small loss, conduce to industrial equipment reducing power comsumption, cut bulk, reduce weight.

Meaning law semiconductor still will reveal an intelligence to mix solution of drive of electric LED street lamp. Below constant current mode, converter of crisscross type step up uses as advocate power converter, by the solar battery board power supply; falls in the circumstance that does not have batteries or undercharge, STM32F3 MCU controls solar battery charger, automatic switch arrives driver of constant current AC-DC LED, ensure illume won’t be interrupted below any conditions.

Power source of exhibiting high-energy effect of ” of other “ green and solution of the sources of energy include WPC Qi wireless fill 3 coil of 15W of interface of solution, USB Type-C quickly machine of an organic whole of machine of PFC of totem pole of module of 4G of net of couplet of content of wireless charger emitter, elevator, three-phase and power source breaker, tower advocate board, and the intelligent illume that leads 6LoWPAN network demonstrates board.


In intelligent industry environment, more and more machines receive high in the clouds in net of factory interior couplet, let an enterprise can carry out first-rate production and machine to defend a plan, increase the flexibility that manufacturing operation and machine safeguard. The industrial signal company of meaning law semiconductor receives product combination to cover all sorts of signal companies to receive a technology, include to join sensor and electric line of force correspond (the agreement of IO-Link standard communication of PLC) equipment. Can go up in industrial peak, meaning law semiconductor will reveal the IO-Link agreement inn that covers a special design for STM32 Nucleo development. This solution revealed a small-sized factory to use IO-Link in 3 layers class, receive sensor the monitoring of superstratum and control application repeatedly.

The network of couplet of industrial other people that changes to intelligence of drive industry equipment (IIoT) , continuously of supervisory equipment state pass feeling technology crucial. Be aimed at industrial work environment of Yan Ke, meaning law semiconductor offers a series of high accuracy, dovish sensor. Current peak can show the emphasis wait to pressure and athletic sensor from lukewarm wet sensor all sorts of industrial MEMS sensor.

If why realize an example of new service mode in intelligent factory,forecasting a gender to safeguard is content couplet net. Of meaning law semiconductor forecast a gender to safeguard demonstrate board use industry of MEMS sensor, IO-Link technology of communication agreement and cloud join. Use IO-Link connective inertial be in charge of detecting with environmental sensor electric machinery condition, and STM32F4 MCU carries out frequency of local real time and time domain analysis, use at operating mode is monitored and breakdown of inchoate electric machinery detects. In addition, the data that equipment collects can send high in the clouds through Linux gateway.

The client that solution of exhibiting industry of other interconnection intelligence and technology still include meaning law semiconductor cries the monitor of wireless machine state of records company Moons, and industry is become resemble detecting NDT demonstrates board, transmit electricity of net of the NFC in control of node of wireless industry of newest generation SensorTile, electric machinery, aether (PoE) and outlet of radio frequency intelligence.

Other is wonderful reveal

Man-machine is interactive solution and mechanical arm solution: Synergic robot can replace the mankind to carry out repeatability and critical task in intelligent factory, improve productivity thereby and reduce cost. Peak of industry of meaning law semiconductor is met will exhibit two cooperation robot and 4 mechanical arms, demonstrate every robot how to actor or actress efficiency of chemical plant operation and improvement work condition. Si Tande robot (Shenzhen) limited company will demonstrate how to be with two cooperation robot a multipurpose executes multinomial mission on platform in coordination, the industry of contented great majority produces demand. 4 high speed that come from client of ST China this locality, high accuracy and the industrial machinery arm that use easily also will exhibit, reveal fluctuation makings, assemble, sorting, carry and wait for application from animation picture.

Intelligent factory V2.0 and industry are interactive platform: The interactive platform that joins the person that meet to pass us explores our extensive technology, product and solution, understand us how to be endowed with can application of intelligent factory V2.0, include factory automation, communication, electric machinery control, power source and the sources of energy and forecast a gender to safeguard.

Intelligence lives in (ST science and technology leads wisdom) of area of life terminal product: Industrial peak still can include an intelligence to live in terminal product area 2019, here, the electric equipment of daily expense life of all sorts of intelligence of the power source that the person that call in can experience to home appliance enterprise uses meaning law semiconductor and development of program of electric machinery control, include Bao of meal of air conditioning, TV, freezer, cleaner, washing machine, report, intelligence to make up lens, blower, supersonic speed and the fan that do not have a leaf.

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