It is heart science and technology makes safe interconnection world with forward position science and technology

Quicken technical progress, realize cooperation and innovation

On May 29, 2019, chinese Shanghai ——It is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) held grand meeting of trade of Keysight World 2019 successfully in Shanghai now, was being revealed on this congress is heart science and technology in its the series of main technique domain innovates solution. Regard a banner technology as the company, it is heart science and technology devotes oneself to to help enterprise, equipment and service provider quicken innovation, make the world of a safe interconnection.

It is heart science and technology makes safe interconnection world with forward position science and technology

It is Donna Majcen of vice-president of sale of whole world of heart science and technology expresses: “ falls in current global economy environment, business needs agile and overall innovation strategy successfully. Have will inspirational, technology, solution and global partner only all sorts of advantage collect at a suit, ability is brought overturn the gender changes. This also is the original intention that we hold Keysight World, keysight World is the essential industry distinguished gathering inside global limits, it gathers together the industry leader that is heart science and technology, partner and client, concentration reveals forward position technology, revolutionary design, test, optimize strategy and banner solution, arouse business inspiration thereby, the ode can quicken innovation be born. ”

It is heart science and technology makes safe interconnection world with forward position science and technology

After congress held afterwards successfully last year, keysight World is held the 2nd times in Shanghai this year, the key showed a series of innovation skills to the client, include:

·5G solution increases data handling capacity, solve eat dishes without rice or wine to check a challenge. It is heart science and technology can be offerred arrive again to equipment from chip the test solution of the many fractionize domain of the network. Understanding more tests a requirement about the consistency of 5G equipment and network.

· data center and telegraphic solution satisfy data center network and computational standard (like PCIe®5 with DDR5) demand, can offerring the test solution; that faces 400G and higher rate is the solution of data center test with heart comprehensive science and technology, can enclothe the entire network that checks 2-7 layer from layer of the 1st physics to test requirement.

· car and solution of the sources of energy, support drives automatically, everythings on earth of couplet of car of advanced power system, radar, V2X() carry aether net design with the car, ensure they can on the safe side puts in the market.

Net of · content couplet checks a solution to be able to enclothe whole network architecture: Arrive from integrality of physical layer signal test of applied layer load and safety, it is heart science and technology can help you make the content couplet net that can expand neatly.

The share is shown in the product, this Keysight World congress still exhibited at the same time too hertz, quanta, network moves to be measured with the test such as safe, PathWave, KeysightCare reach service solution.

This congress of Keysight World Shanghai was attracted 1, many 000 client will to spot ginseng meet, still have 2, 000 much people are online watched congress living broadcast. Depend on the newest product that faces the domain such as safety of center of 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud, data, network and car and solution, it is heart science and technology will keep abreast of hand in hand with Chinese client and partner, grasp market opportunity adequately, make safe interconnection world jointly.

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