It is heart science and technology is rolled out brand-new power source

Cabinet appearance is designed with big indication screen, suit workbench to use, can provide more and usable power

On May 30, 2019, beijing ——It is heart science and technology (NYSE: KEYS) is rolled out brand-new the only way output of series and two-way output power source. This power source can provide more usable power, have background noise low, appearance the characteristic with cabinet, indication big screen, suit workbench to use. It is heart science and technology it is a lead technical company, devote oneself to to help provider of enterprise, service and governmental client quicken innovation, create the world of a safe interconnection. Power source of brand-new Keysight E36200 series can support the engineer of all trades and professions to have a test to their design, applicable domain includes: Parts of an apparatus of car electron, consumable, medical treatment, dynamoelectric tool and industry apply.

The power source that is heart science and technology also has the kind of design verification in change engineer, help them discover a problem better, ensure the product achieves superior quality. It is heart science and technology newest the E36200 series power source that roll out and E36300 output power source series 3 times to have identical measurement ability and advanced function, but through sheet the road is outputted or two-way output model offerred taller electric current and taller voltage. This series has automatic amount Cheng adjustment function and capacity of in-house combination output, bigger electricity can be provided below taller voltage setting, cover more extensive application field thereby.

Terminal of the output after the client can be used, modern I/O and touch inchoative mouth, easily Keysight E36200 compositive in existing system. Touch inchoative mouth not only can as synchronous as other instrument, still can add stop engine control urgently closely. E36200 series power source supports but standard of process designing instrument commands (SCPI) , have inside buy USB, LAN and optional the GPIB interface that connect.

It is the main characteristic of newest 200W and power source of 400W E36200 series incorporates heart science and technology:

· is automatic and serial and run paralell automatically, two-way output combination becomes only way 400W to output

Ripple of —— of noise of · low output and noise are less than 350 µVrms

The process designing with accurate · and time read, precision is less than 0.04%

2 lines mix this locality with accurate · long-range 4 lines are measured, need not use exterior avometer

· is pressed too, flow too and cross lukewarm control function, provide multiple protection for parts of an apparatus

Price and product model

Price of minimum of Keysight E36200 series is 1, 590 dollars, provide the following model:

·E36231A: Measure 30V of Cheng adjustment direct current source automatically, 20A, 200W

·E36232A: Measure 60V of Cheng adjustment direct current source automatically, 10A, 200W

·E36233A: Two-way output measures 30V of Cheng adjustment direct current source automatically, 20A, 400W

·E36234A: Two-way output measures 60V of Cheng adjustment direct current source automatically, 10A, 400W

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