Does Vishay roll out wide block of high power of class of new fund car to be worth the Power Metal Plate of limits? Check sheds resistor

Rated power of parts of an apparatus is as high as 2W and 5 MW of scope of 3W block value to 500 MW

Bin Xi Faniya, MALVERN—On May 30, 2019 — a few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc. (Code name of NYSE stock market: VSH) announces, roll out over all dimension 2010 with 2512, the check of Power Metal Plate of class of new fund car of rated power 2W and 3W sheds resistor. Resistor of this new-style WFM is used technically at power source, instrument, result to put, the check in inverter of cent pressing, power source and batteries management circuit flows and pulse application, design personnel can use individual high-power resistor, and need not electric current of many resistor generation measures paralell connection error. Because increased power density, WFM still saves circuit board space, can provide bulk for ultimate consumer thereby the product with smaller, lighter weight.

Does Vishay roll out wide block of high power of class of new fund car to be worth the Power Metal Plate of limits? Check sheds resistor

The structure with WFM particular parts of an apparatus improved heat management to design, use cupreous radiator, make 2010 have the electric character with exceedingly good structure of Power Metal Plate with the 2512 2W that enclose dimension and 3W resistor. Unique processing technique realizes 5 MΩ to 500 MΩ all sorts of low block are worth, tolerancepublic errand is low to±1.0 % .

Newest issuance parts of an apparatus applies to a car electronic-controlled, without brush dc machine control, dynamoelectric manage with batteries of mixture motivation car, inverter of industrial application high-power / converter control and drive of large electric machinery, the well leaves instrument bearing power supply, consume kind of electric equipment gentle to connect control of inverter of air conditioning system, the of all kinds check such as source control of the report in server and other consideration application, changeover and safety flows and refuse pulse application.

Resistor uses low TCR(<Manganin of metal of 20 Ppm/°C) solid or core of resistor of nickel chromic alloy, inductance value 0.5 NH comes 5 NH, hot EMF is less than<3 µV/°C, working temperature – 65 °C comes + 170 °C. Parts of an apparatus accords with RoHS and Vishay green standard, without haloid.

WFM resistor can offer sample now and already realized a quantity to produce, a large amount of ordering goods periodic 6 go to 8 weeks.

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