C&K is patulous be used at machine of ticket of ATM, carry out and safe system prevent destroy sealed switch series

New ATP16 switch joins the ATP19 that is used at outdoors application and ATP22 to prevent destroy switch

─ of Wo Erse Mu of city of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance on May 28, 2019 dispatch: Switch of high quality Electromechanical precedes manufacturer C&K announces to roll out ATP16 series to prevent destroy sealed by use switch. This switch faces the design personnel of the device that uses in public or remote region, these equipment have high theft or the risk that damage intentionally normally, prevent destroy switch special apply to entrance guard control, key-press to wait for application to telling equipment, service station equipment and machine of carry out ticket or automat.

New fund ATP16 aims to resist ill will is destroyed, reduced the need of costly spot maintenance and product recall thereby.

This new product is to prevent the newest member that destroys switch product combination, it uses as same as the ATP19 that rolls out at the beginning of this year and ATP22 series data. Of ATP19 and ATP22 deft and the steel casing of high strenth and crust material provide the concussion protection that is as high as IK10 class.

Except prevent destroy a function besides, this new switch is had likewise other prevent those who destroy switch all sorts of character, include lighter weight, IP67 to defend and corrosion resistance. Considering the equipment that deserves to install this switch is outdoors installation normally, still can bear all sorts of extreme ambient conditions.

ATP16 cent is instantaneous edition and locking edition, offer versatility for the client, provide a LED illume indicator light that has a variety of color option, still can choose belt annular or all sorts of starter that power source indicates. Regard ATP series as the compensatory product of other switch, ATP16 rated voltage is 2A/36 VDC, full load service life is as high as 200, 000.

Edward Mork of manager of C&K round-the-world product explains: " of the ATP16 series of C&K roll out the demand that reflected the market to destroy switch to be being prevented formidably to grow ceaselessly. Below a lot of circumstances, these solutions already became the engineer that develops outdoors device’s indispensable design to consider a factor, these equipment (be like machine of ticket of ATM, carry out and entrance guard system) the target that is burglar or Hun normally. The whole series that we offer for the client now is prevented destroy switch to not only quality assures, ensure easier and compositive ask in order to satisfy specific design.

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