The digs gold way beyond traditional advantage, testimony Fuji tells the other one side that explores innovation!

2019, in new whole world under politics classics general trends, the development situation with electronic semiconductor long-term and favorable industry is made the same score it seems that added a few inaccuracy to decide. Although manufacturer of each most conductor has already,close narrow advantage of “ battlefront ” , deep ploughing is perpendicular domain, also have enlarge layout, wide devoted and rising market to wait to answer strategy differently, but cannot leave exploration innovation technology from beginning to end this one topic, and strive is broken through with this. According to author observation, famous manufacturer Fuji connects semiconductor to carrying hand zoology partner, increase position many industries domain, 2 innovation besides traditional advantage technology, also roll out plan of many burgeoning application continuously, reveal its thick the technical good actual strength that accumulates thin hair!

Industry pioneer! The plan of true counterfeit test and verify that is based on FRAM spectrum character is ablaze come on stage

Since successful quantity produces 20 years, fuji connects the shipment volume of FRAM to had exceeded 3.7 billion, wide application enrages the fundamental domain such as net of couplet of watch, content at industrial water and electricity, some closer year coming is ceaseless more large sheet is obtained in the industry behead such as medical treatment, car. Among them, almost what label changes is tall read write wear, tall literary sketch to enter and the advantage of ” of hard nucleus of 3 big “ of low power comsumption, established Fuji to connect the illustrious prestige of FRAM. Nevertheless, in ” of continuance “ memory beyond the traditional advantage of this one part, fuji is connected the product life with new coruscate of attempt general FRAM. This, it is to be based on the spectrum character with unique FRAM!

“ studies the process of FRAM is medium ceaselessly, fuji connects discovery FRAM has very unique physical spectrum character, in generation of the meeting when starting a paragraph of simulative works noise believes date; and signal of this kind of noise is random law, be imitated to duplicate hard, use such principle and dominant position, the manufacturer can undertake the true counterfeit attestation of the product already, also can put an end to accredit to the product is forged and flow into the market, ensured manufacturer and the rights and interests with bilateral consumer thereby. ” Fuji connects an electron yuan parts of an apparatus (Shanghai) Feng Yi weighs inspector general of department of government of limited company product newly.

Now the common hardware attestation solution on market, great majority is used add close algorithm, special the means such as close key undertakes test and verify, judge the true counterfeit of the product thereby. Cite a case, printer produces the commercial pattern of business, besides sale printer main body, sell ink box such bad news material also is serious run harvests source. Buy the high quality product that makes to former plant to assure customer, the test and verify of true counterfeit undertakes when ink box receives printer with respect to need. Generally speaking, what printer manufacturer uses is embedded add close algorithm, and these add close algorithm to often be in the 1-2 after rolling out year meet inside time by breach, cause sham product to begin to flow into the market. Feng Yi is new express: “ is aimed at such client demand, fuji understands development use FRAM job noise to come the LSI chip of test and verify, this is industry what roll out above all is brand-new the attestation plan of spectrum character! ” is replaced before add close algorithm, this does not have add close algorithm (spectrum) solution of true counterfeit test and verify brought two large dominant positions for the client: It is to won’t produce close key by the circumstance of pilfer (because do not have close key) , can realize security; with inferior cost 2 it is Fuji connects FRAM to be able to generate faint and mixed imitate signal (working noise) the cost that implementation expects, have prevent duplicate strong endurance dead, because this is special,apply to the test and verify that prevent bogus.

The Fuji that is based on FRAM spectrum character opens program of test and verify of innovation true counterfeit
Graph 1: The Fuji that is based on FRAM spectrum character opens program of test and verify of innovation true counterfeit

Besides printer this keeps quantity market, the author thinks, more innovation application, or commercial pattern also will because of this program of one unique true counterfeit test and verify and get a change. For instance electronic semiconductor industry, a few manufacturers that produce circuit board, may periphery child the bag outside the production of circuit board cooperates to accredit square, so to prevent periphery child circuit board is forged by blame accredit manufacturer, use the program of true counterfeit test and verify with unique FRAM to be able to solve this problem, also had positive effect in respect of protective intellectual property at the same time. Can say, the imaginary space of this one application will very capacious!

The quantity produces ability is good actual strength, transphorm layout nitrogen turns application of gallium full power

Nitrogen changes gallium (GaN) is the material of the 3rd acting semiconductor with established industry, relatively silicon has a lot of advantages, for example taller switch frequency, can change in power revolutionary improvement is achieved on efficiency the effect, suit power, power source to run this kind of wide application particularly. IHS Markit of market survey orgnaization is forecasted, the dimensions of power semiconductor market that heads with GaN and SiC will approach 1 billion dollar 2020, its impetus comes from mix change the requirement that reachs the side such as electric car, electric power and inverter of smooth hot season, and hopeful surmounted 10 billion dollar 2027. Although enormous market opportunity drew the investment of one numerous big plant, but GaN-inside product is up to now on market rare still trace, investigate its reason, produce ability with the quantity of the manufacturer relevant!

Exhibit this on the meeting, fuji connected acting brand Transphorm to reveal number money to be able to be measured produce, the power application solution that is based on GaN HEMT, made the central point that the audience stops! Transphorm Asia-Pacific makes the same score Yan Qina of vast area VP to express: “Transphorm already exceeded 10 years in the investment of research and development of GaN, the photograph is otherer and same the friendly business of devoted GaN, transphorm is the earliest have a quantity to produce the ability, firm that the product puts in the market. Because the GaN product of this Transphorm passes old market test and verify, the technology matures ceaselessly, cost is reduced stage by stage, had very advantageous practical with dependability! ”

Be attributed to nitrogen to change the performance dominant position of gallium, the inverter of 6kW smooth hot season that Transphorm realized efficiency to be as high as 99.2% solution, and the 3.3kW car that efficiency is as high as 99.1% carries charge factor of two-way PFC(power is corrective) solution. Staff member introduction, car of this one 3.3kW carries charge plan is totem pole does not have bridge PFC plan, break through again on the efficiency of general PFC 97% , because used parts of an apparatus of two high-powered Transphorm GaN, bridge crowd need not be joined in circuit, compare the congener plan that is based on silicon parts of an apparatus, integral cost lower, efficiency is taller. In the meantime, transphorm offers the Turn-key program that finished product of one a complete set of turns, can will soft, hardware along with all the others consign, help client shortens greatly development time. For example the stage amounted to an electron to use the car that is based on Transphorm GaN parts of an apparatus to carry charge plan, the efficiency in applying actually is more than 95% , belong to industry top-ranking level.

Transphorm rolls out plan of inverter of 6kW smooth hot season and 3.3kW car to carry charge two-way PFC plan

Graph 2: Transphorm rolls out plan of inverter of 6kW smooth hot season and 3.3kW car to carry charge two-way PFC plan

Besides high-power application, transphorm GaN parts of an apparatus is same in small-power application ” of muscle of “ old show. The 65W switch power source that reveals this is evaluated board, below the condition that is fully loaded with in 230VAC, efficiency can be achieved 93% , and bide one’s time power comsumption is less than 0.15W, the charger that applies to notebook computer, adapter. Although evaluate board dimension is L73 X W43 X H15 Mm, nevertheless the staff member says, if throw finished product production, plan dimension of whole still will narrow further, make bulk very cabinet, facilitate carry; and the high-energy effect of profit from Transphorm GaN, the power density of case of this one party promotes substantially, and need not worry before medicinal powder hot issue. Not only such, to satisfy more market demand, case of this one party still will support PD to wait charge agreement, but the electric current of the many grade such as self-adjusting 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V and output power, realize a charger to be able to satisfy the great majority such as sound box of computer of mobile phone, notebook, blue tooth of mobile equipment charge demand, brought for consumer most the advantage of clearly.


Transphorm rolls out plan of inverter of 6kW smooth hot season and 3.3kW car to carry charge two-way PFC plan

Graph 3: The 65W switch power source of high-energy effect, agile application is evaluated board

Yan Qina says: “ looks integratedly, nitrogen changes gallium from before the application of industrial level industry of high pressure, high-power, the consumptive level that penetrating low pressure, small-power ceaselessly uses the market, this and craft rise, cost is reduced have direct correlation. Transphorm already some advantages, the depth that have the aid of and Fuji know cooperates, bigger breakthrough will be sought in Chinese market. ”

New trend of naked eye 3D, one paste film can be done calm!

Current, this one brand-new technology is lifting naked eye 3D the vision of limits of an entire industry changes, for example advertisement of naked eye 3D is commercial domain exploring one of way with innovation, its need not adorn auxiliary equipment can let person eye feel distinct 3D effect, be revealed to wait for applied place to value by electronic product, advertisement, demonstrative education, exhibition gradually with chase after hold in both hands. According to market survey orgnaization the market that surpass Nuo seeks advice release ” trend of development of naked eye 3D analyses a report ” , to 2021 volume of shipment of global 3D monitor will achieve 280 million, market dimensions also reachs growth 83 billion dollar.

In fact, hand of Fuji communication and liaison partner 3D Global, already threw layout in this one domain, grab anticipate opportunity. As we have learned, the 3D of innovation naked eye that 3D Global exhibits solution, need to affix a piece of custom-built optical and three-dimensional filter in screen appearance only, join again a common PC computer, open 3D video resource, the vision of naked eye 3D that can implement high quality experiences. Of course, this one special three-dimensional filter need and screen manufacturer coact, before leave factory the installation that finish is debugged, can sell past market. Generally speaking, naked eye 3D shows type of main and glazed protective screen is mixed columnar lens these two technologies, but each have actor drawback. The plan of naked eye 3D of 3D Global combines both advantage, the “Lenticular Lenses + Very Thin Parallax Barrier” of use original creation combines a technology, let an audience reduce visual fatigue, obtain the 3D that has depth stereo perception, make the picture presents clearer result, do not have an influence almost to the light at the same time.

3D Global of hand of Fuji communication and liaison reveals the naked eye 3D of innovation to demonstrate a skill

Graph 4: 3D Global of hand of Fuji communication and liaison reveals the naked eye 3D of innovation to demonstrate a skill

Indeed, the market that naked eye 3D shows advances the innovation besides hardware plan, the 3D video resource that also needs to be abounded ceaselessly will prop up. To this, fuji is connected can offer the software tool that is used technically at making 3D video to give a client understanding study, save the time of research and development of the product thereby.

Cockpit vision Next Big Thing, trend of fictitious appearance confluence is highlighted!

Review a car to develop the history, car appearance shows from before mechanical, already transferred the electronic type that is instantly is fictitious appearance, next criterion will many more shirt-sleeve indication interface, tend unified change, because this is right,the requirement such as function, dependability sends Yan Ke more. Go a few years, the 3D that Fuji connects acting brand to all alone happy science and technology is based on the Triton C chip of Cortex-A9 of ARM double nucleus to be core is completely fictitious appearance solution already shipment tens of 10 thousand, success application is on model of Biyadi and partial day department, heart department. Through old market test and verify, then of science and technology of all alone happy event is rolled out brand-new the 4th acting high-powered car that upgrade carries SoC——“Miranda” . The staff member introduces to the author: “ uses CPU of odd chip of ARM Cotex-A9 Quad Core 1GHz, PowerVR S8XE 3D GPU, contain the VPU that prepares for ADAS application only and H.264 video to make up decipher function, miranda is supportable high-definition the performance demand of recorder of 4 1080P drive a vehicle, and power comsumption is inferior, because this suits a car particularly,carry the use setting of SoC. ” is based on this one SoC, systematic architect can make instrument of high-definition complete liquid crystal easily, high-definition 360° is panoramic into resemble the three-in-one solution with ADAS support system!

The car that is based on Miranda to make is fictitious appearance three-in-one solution

Graph 5: The car that is based on Miranda to make is fictitious appearance three-in-one solution

Besides outstanding hardware, fictitious appearance plan also is based on this car tool of design of software of HMI of this one source realizes CGI STUDIO custom-built the systematic software that convert serves. CGI STUDIO platform is mixed in the car embedded the domain is had very tall famous spend and approbate degree, have do not suffer malleability of develop of hardware condition limitation, software to wait for an advantage by force, pass attestation of car plan step. It is reported, CGI STUDIO platform offers independent 2D/3D engine, use at designing of all kinds 2D and 3D setting respectively, and comfortable the general interface that matchs Windows environment and built-in system environment. The architect can get on the computer quickly made design is used directly at built-in system environment, thereby utmost ground reduces the do poorly done work over again between image stylist and built-in stylist, quicken a product to appear on the market time!


Fuji connects product of electronic Asia-Pacific division to manage a hard gold of general manager king to express in be interviewed publicly before, fuji understands the change that is accelerating agent of yuan of parts of an apparatus, develop new product line actively in order to perfect structure of yuan of current product of parts of an apparatus. The nitrogen that faces constant growth changes gallium power, car to hold the rising market such as 3D of electron, naked eye and innovation application, fuji is connected enhancing actual strength of own research and development besides, selling with sole agent, cent, the industrial catenary zoology that the cooperative means such as joint research and development enlarges oneself and market force, look in the author, this is the path ” that Fuji connects distinctive “ broken bureau!

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