The apple wins a new patent again, mix QLED OLED is compositive at monitor

The indication screen of IPhone is the component with highest cost, and link is purchased in indication screen, the apple must face the awkward situation that sole supplier SamSung indicates face plate of AMOLED of high end of be enslaved to be enslaved to, showing technical field so, investment strategy of the apple is special all the time and active, hope to give aid to on one hand can contend the new supplier of SamSung, go up along indication technology afore on one hand, also be in with great quantity have patent research and development.


According to IDropNews report, the apple applied for to pass a new patent recently, according to American brand and Patent Office newest patent detailed list shows, this patent name is: “QuantumdotLED(QLED) and OLED are compositive at monitor ” .

It is reported, what this patent points to is to showing to dot of a quanta comes true to demonstrate a skill like element on equipment, it is will individual actually the component that resembles element is decomposed for a certain number of child like element, resemble QLED of the confluence in element and OLED in next the advantage of two kinds of technologies.

According to the report, QLED-OLED technology can let show screen is revealed more the colour of “ sterling ” , use up fewer n at the same time, prolong the service life of screen. In addition, from theoretic tell, QLED shows screen shows than OLED screen is smaller, accordingly QLED-OLED mixes indication screen to also will become thinner.

From the point of these advantages, QLED-OLED mixes indication screen will be AppleWatch equipment is mixed other can apparel the perfect choice of equipment.

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